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Towing Covers Instructions

1.  Firstly take the Right Strip Panel (RSP) and feed the awning pipe into the right awning rail.

2.  Repeat step 1 with the Left Strip Panel (LSP) with the left awning rail.

3.  Take the Front Panel and line it up with the LSP & the RSP

4.  Buckle up the straps one side at a time, tightening them gently

5.  Now attach a bungee cord to the corner eyelets and the caravan frame. Repeat on the opposite corner

6. Take the long strap under the A-Frame and buckle up, then tighten slightly


Why should I buy a cover from Pro-Tec Covers?

Pro-Tec Covers have been trading in this market for 15 years and during this time, we have used our existing skills and innovative thinking to be able to offer a market-leader in protective covers. Our fabric has been sourced specifically for the requirements of a long-lasting, quality product. We have been able to develop our ideas and techniques to produce covers that meet all the needs of the customer. Our fabric is waterproof, breathable, UV stabilised and has a soft inner lining. Unlike many other covers available, these qualities ensure a Pro-Tec cover repels water, allows moisture to escape from under the cover, doesn't disintegrate in the sun or damage windows or paintwork. Pro-Tec Covers is a family run business who prides itself on the quality of its product, but also its service and we will strive as much as possible to go the extra mile for our customers. We are also extremely proud that unlike most other cover companies all elements of our caravan covers and motorhome covers are but only sourced in but manufactured within the UK.

Will the Protec cover cause condensation?

Unlike many lesser quality products the fabric used in Pro-Tec's covers has a patented breathable middle layer. Tests have shown that this is more breathable than other fabrics available. Due to this, any moisture trapped under the cover, or natural moisture within the air, is able to breathe out through the fabric and won't be trapped, reducing the risk of condensation, mould or mildew.

Will it scratch my van?

As long as the van is clean when the cover is fitted, the soft inner lining will ensure no scratches or damage are caused to any area of your van.

Do I need to cover my windows before fitting the cover?

No, as with risk of scratching to the van, the soft inner lining means no further covering of windows is required. In fact, we are still the only company to demonstrate this by placing some of our fabric onto a polishing buffer drill and working it against a perspex window. Nb - we have heard from customers who have been advised to cover their windows with cling film as a precautionary measure. Windows should never be covered with cling film under any circumstances. There is a chemical within the cling film that reacts with the perspex and can cause bubbling and severe damage to the window.

Do I have to wait until the van is dry or a dry day to fit the cover?

No, due to the patented breathability of Pro-Tec's fabric, any moisture left on the van prior to fitting a cover, will breathe out naturally.

How long will my cover last?

Although Pro-Tec full covers are guaranteed for 3 years (towing covers 1 year), our full covers generally range from 5-10 years lifespan. We have heard from customers who have had covers for up to 13 years.

How long can I leave my cover on for?

Pro-Tec's covers are designed to be an all-year round cover. With its UV stability, you are able to keep the cover on throughout the summer, as well as winter should you wish to. We recently heard from a customer at a show who had told us how due to ill health he had left his cover on constantly for 3 years and upon returning to his caravan, found it to be in the same pristine state as when he had stored it originally.

Can one person fit the cover?

It is possible for one person to fit the cover, however, for ease we do recommend two people do this, one either side. Please see our video on the home page of the recommended fitting for both a caravan and motorhome cover (basic covers). We also now have our new Easy Fit System® which makes the fitting method much simpler.

Is there a zipped door access?

No zips are used on any part of any Pro-Tec cover, this is because the pose a real risk of scratching paintwork it may come into contact with. At Pro-Tec Covers, we use heavy duty velcro, so that any scratching risk is removed?

Is the cover 100% waterproof?

Pro-Tec's fabric is waterproof up to 1metre of water, meaning 1 metre depth of water can sit on top of the fabric before any moisture will seep through. This provides an extremely strong protection from water ingress, but still allows the cover to have its breathability, giving you the peace of mind that your caravan is not going to sweat under the cover. It is impossible for a cover to be both 100% waterproof and breathable. The only fabrics that are 100% waterproof are such things as plastics and vinyls, and you can guarantee that if you hold these to your mouth you are not going to get a single breath through it. Beware companies with this claim.

Does the cover allow for items on my van e.g aerials, flues etc?

Yes they do, all of our covers are fitted with additional allowances for any external items that may be fitted to your vehicle be they factory standard or fitted post purchase, whether it be a simple aerial or a bike box.

Will I have to provide measurements?

During our many years of manufacturing, we have developed an extensive range of patterns, ensuring that you do not have to provide any measurements. In the rare instance that we do not hold a pattern we will source one to measure locally if possible or offer a free measuring service at our premises. If this is not possible, our staff will confirm this and you will be asked to complete a simple dimension sheet, but do not fear our technical staff are always on hand should you need any advice.

Do poles come with every full cover?

We provide free fitting poles with all caravan covers (basic, easy-ft), smaller easy-fit motorhome covers and horse trailer covers. We do not provide poles with the basic motorhome covers. Motorhomes can be as per this video

How much will the cover weigh?

When our covers are shipped (including all extras provided), the general weights are as follows -

Caravan - 8kg

Motorhome - 10-12kg

Horse Trailer - 8kg

Folding Camper - 6kg

Towing Covers/Skirts - 1-2kg

Is it legal to tour with a towing cover/skirt on?

Although we have spoken with the police and they have said there is no specific legal implications, we have heard from customers who have been stopped and warned of the issues of covering running lights. To counter-act this problem, Pro-Tec has come up with the innovation to enable you to make your running lights visible whilst ensuring the integrity of the cover. We provide this with all covers free of charge.

I have damaged my cover, what do I do?

In the unfortunate instance of damage occurring to your cover, please do not hesitate to contact our team. In most cases of minor damages or wear, these are simply solved using the spare fabric we provide at the time of receiving your cover. This can be used to patch/ reinforce any area of concern either by stitching or the much easier option of Evo-Stick Contact Adhesive to glue it into place. Should the damage be more significant, please send us a picture of the damage so we can consult our Technical Team and see if we are able to offer any help with repairs. Please note that any covers sent back to us for any reason, must be in a clean state free from dirt, bird mess etc. All covers are handled manually by our staff from inspection to sewing and due to Health & Safety we are not willing to place our staff at risk from dirt and germs on a cover.

Will the Easy Fit System weaken my cover?

Absolutely not! Like all Protec products, The Easy Fit System® is designed, tested, redesigned and road teasted over and over again, until it is perfect.  The Pro-Tec Easy Fit Cover® will not strain or weaken your Protec Cover.

How do I fit my Protec Towing Cover?

The caravan towing cover is really easy to get on.  It should take you no more than 5 mins to get the cover on the caravan.  You can also see a cover being fitted on this video Please click here for towing cover fitting instructions

How do I clean and care for my cover?

Clean the cover using warm water with a soft brush, a hosepipe may be used but we do not advise the use of power washers.  Do not use any detergents of chemicals as this will block the pores and affect the hydrophobic properties of the fabric.  However, if you have any stubborn stains that will not be removed with just warm water, you can add soap flakes (the type you would use to wash clothing) to the warm water to aid the washing.


british manufacturerAll our covers are designed and manufactured in-house in Bradford, West Yorkshire by Protec Covers Ltd. None of our caravan or motorhome covers are  outsourced. Our material, Caravan  Shield, has been exclusively developed in the UK and we are proud to say that it continues to be  manufactured  here in the UK