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Classic Camper Club Winner

Classic Camper, Classic Cover


The UK Classic Camper Club was founded in 1991 with the intention of bringing together like-minded classic motorhome enthusiasts. Just one year later, the Club hosted its first National Rally in Malvern and this weekend saw the 25th Anniversary Rally.

The winning line-up

Here at Protec, we love a camper van. Our founders, Keith & Anne, have been proud owners of many a camper over the years and still get out in their VW T5 on a regular basis. With campers so close to our heart, we were thrilled to be asked if we could sponsor the event and naturally jumped at the chance to be involved.

Mr. Hill and his Mk1 Ford Transit ERF Jennings Roadranger

Aside from sponsoring the plaques for each winner, we decided to go the extra mile and make a gift of a full storage cover to the owner of the camper judged to be ‘Best in Show’. That particular accolade was awarded to Paul Hill and his beautiful 1974 Ford Transit ERF Jennings Roadranger.

The Ford Transit needs no introduction. There can hardly be a more iconic vehicle on British roads and there have been countless incarnations of the legendary workhorse. This particular Mk1 was used as the platform by famous UK coachbuilders, Jennings of Sandbach, to make the Roadranger you see here.

When the Roadranger left the Jennings works in 1974, it would have cost its new owner somewhere in the region of £4,000. Bearing in mind that the average weekly wage in 1974 was £32 and at the beginning of the decade the average house price was £4,975, the Roadranger truly was a luxury purchase.

This classic camper is still very much alive and Mr. Hill uses it as often as he is able. Regular trips to the south coast put the Roadranger through its paces and it’s a delight to know that this rolling piece of history has stood the test of time. It’s a credit to Mr. Hill to see the immaculate condition of the camper and all the hard work he has put into maintaining the condition we can see today. With the addition of a Protec Cover, we’re sure there will be many more years of serviceable enjoyment for Mr. Hill and ‘Lady Mandy’.

Made to Measure

Protec Covers are the number one manufacturer of Easy-Fit motorhome and caravan covers in Europe. We take our tailoring very seriously and one of the most important items in our tool-kit, the humble tape measure, has its very own National Day on 14th July. To celebrate, we are offering a huge £55 off the price of any full cover from 14th July to 14th August 2017. Call us today on 01274 780088 to take advantage of this discount. We're sure we'll measure up to your expectations.


Concorde Liner Centurion 1060G

We are privileged to see some of the most beautiful caravans and motorhomes in the process of our work but every now and again, something spectacular comes our way. A couple of weeks ago, we received a phone call from Mr. Elphick in Surrey, asking if we had a full cover available for his Concorde Liner Centurion. After a brief chat explaining that all our covers are made to order and we had not covered a Concorde Liner before, Mr. Elphick agreed to drive his pride and joy to us in Bradford so we could take a pattern.

Everyone here at Protec takes a great deal of pride in what we do so when the opportunity arises to work with something new, we jump at the chance to validate our claim of being able to cover ‘Anything & Everything’ and the Concorde Liner Centurion 1060G definitely fits the bill. As the luxury motorhome rounded the corner to our humble Yorkshire factory, there was quite a buzz in the air. The Concorde cuts an imposing figure. Weighing in at 18 tonnes and measuring a colossal 11 metres, the Liner is rightly the flagship of the German brand Reisemobile.

The first Reisemobile Concorde, 1983

Reisemobile have a rich heritage in the leisure vehicle market. They started out in the early 1980s in a factory they had acquired from Tabbert, making parts for the Wigwam folding caravan. By 1983, the very first Concorde motorhomes were leaving the factory, based on the legendary Ford Transit chassis. Today, Concorde has become the byword for exclusive leisure touring and they count Ralf Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel amongst their customer base. Now added to the prestigious list of proud Concorde owners, we have Mr. & Mrs. Elphick.

There's room in the back for a Smart Car

The Elphicks’ Concorde Liner Centurion 1060G is currently the only one of its kind in the UK. They purchased their motorhome from Southdowns Motorhome Centre in Portsmouth and have a couple of bespoke upgrades carried out since the purchase. The motorhome has been partially converted to 110V for touring North America and a backup diesel generator has been added for those times when a power supply just isn’t available. Mr. Elphick even underwent a three-day course to obtain the HGV licence required to pilot the enormous Concorde. The maiden voyage saw the Concorde Liner covering over 12,000km in the U.S.A. and Canada, with the onboard Smart Fortwo covering an additional 9,000km.

Ultimate comfort inside 

On their travels, the Elphicks have enjoyed the absolute pinnacle of luxury touring. The Concorde Liner has to be seen to be believed and we were lucky enough to be invited onboard for a tour. Mr. Elphick keyed a secure code into a glass panel on the side access door, activating the smooth automated sequence which saw the door glide open and illuminated steps emerge invitingly from a hidden panel in the body of the motorhome. The first thing you notice when boarding the Concorde Liner, is the undeniable quality and craftsmanship that has gone into creating something this special. The soft furnishings are hand-stitched cream leather, which contrast beautifully with surface after surface of deep walnut veneer or beige high-gloss cabinets. LED lighting draws your eye to the rear of the motorhome where a sumptuous queen size bed sprawls on a raised plinth. The plinth sits above the garage below, which houses a Smart Fortwo for those occasions when the Concorde is on-site and you need something smaller to nip around the countryside.

Forward of the bedroom is the bathroom, which as you would expect, has a full size basin, toilet and shower, as well as a full size heated towel radiator!

The extending dining area

Perhaps most impressive is the kitchen and dining room. Aside from being of the same incredible standard as the rest of the interior, the entire kitchen and seating area slides out of the footprint of the motorhome. It’s all gets a bit James Bond as Mr. Elphick flicks a switch and the back wall and kitchen magically extend by about 3 feet to make what was already an impressive space even more cavernous. Together with the 2 front Captain’s seats which rotate fully to form part of the seating area, this really is a space for pampered relaxation.