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Protec Covers Easy-Fit® System

All Protec full caravan and motorhome covers come with our exclusive Easy-Fit® system as standard, taking the frustration out of protecting your home-away-from-home.

If you’ve ever tried to install a caravan or motorhome cover without an Easy-Fit® system, you’re probably aware of the challenges you’ll face to get your cover on. 

But if this is your first time buying a motorhome or caravan cover, you may well be wondering, “What’s the big deal?”.

Why Are Standard Covers Difficult To Fit?

Installing a standard motorhome or caravan cover is like trying to put a hat on a giant. You have to lift the entire cover above the roof of your vehicle, and because the cover is one fixed piece, it’s a challenge to get the bottom hem up and over so you can slide your cover down into place. 

What Makes The Easy-Fit® System So Special?

We developed our Easy-Fit® system because even though our customers love our covers, they expressed frustrations about the challenges they faced getting it on the caravan/motorhome.

We set about designing a system that is different from anything else on the market and makes our covers easier to fit than our “competitors”.

Our registered design ensures that only Protec Covers products can use the Easy-Fit® system. Other brands have tried to develop their own version of this exclusive design, but ours is the original and the best.

How Does The Easyfit® System Work?


Rather than being one fixed piece, Protec motorhome and caravan covers have a liftable back panel that rolls up, meaning you don’t have to lift the cover as high. So you can slide the cover down your vehicle as easily as you’d put on your socks.

Once your motorhome or caravan cover is fitted, roll the rear panel back into place, secure it with the industrial-strength velcro, and clip the buckles together. 

We even reinforce the Easy-Fit® panel with non-rip material so that our covers give your caravan or motorhome the ultimate protection with minimal fuss.

Visit our online shop to browse our extensive range of the best motorhome and premium caravan covers which all have our exclusive Easy-Fit® system.



100% Made in the UK

All our Full Covers and Towing Jackets are designed and manufactured in-house in Bradford, West Yorkshire by Protec Covers Ltd. None of our products are outsourced. Our breathable fabric has been exclusively developed in the UK and we are proud to say that it continues to be manufactured here in the UK