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Caravan tips for the Spring

Now that January is nearly at an end, we can start to look forward to Spring. Longer daylight hours, blossom on the trees, warmer weather and most importantly, the start of caravanning season!

Between the months of March and April, most caravanning sites begin to open their gates again and welcome caravanners and campers from around the country. Booking your place during the first few weeks of the season could secure you a great early bird discount rate!

Want to make sure your caravan is ready for the season?

Here is a list of our top tips to get your caravan ready for the Spring!

1.       Check Your Tires – During the winter your caravan tires may have deflated or even gone flat. Carefully inspect your tires before making any trips. Check for any cracks, bulges or damage to the tires and the wheel arches. Also, be sure to check they are correctly inflated to the right pressure. Don’t forget to check the spare tire too!

2.       Check the Electrics –Make sure all electrical goods in the caravan work before setting off! Nothing could be worse than arriving at your destination and discovering that the lights don’t work. Carefully check each electrical device and outlet within the caravan to ensure everything is in safe, working order.

3.       Securing Everything –Safety comes first when towing a caravan. Be sure that all your security devices are in working order. Test any hitch locks or wheel locks to ensure they will still protect your asset from theft. Also, rigorously test the door and window locks to make sure they are still secure.

4.       Water Check –The cold weather during winter could have caused some damage to your water system. A build-up of ice could lead to leaks or cracks within the water system and toilet cassette. Flush out the water system and change the filter (if needed). If you spot any leaks, get the water system replaced immediately.

5.       Look for Damp –Damp can easily occur during the winter months. The cold and wet weather paired with the caravan being unused gives damp the perfect opportunity to damage your caravan interior. Make sure to check all windows, doors, and skylights for any signs of leaks of mildew. Check all upholstery too, if damp has set in your upholstery it may need to be replaced.

Performing these checks will ensure that your caravan is safe and ready for the next touring season!
Once you are sure that your caravan is in good shape and ready for touring, keep it protected with one of our specialist covers.

When you purchase a cover or towing jackets from Pro-Tec, you can be sure that your caravan is safe from damp, UV damage, water damage, and dirt. Our covers also come with a soft underlayer meaning no damage to paintwork or windows. Our covers are tailored to your caravan ensuring that it is the perfect fit. Find out more about our range here:


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