All about Easy-Fit

Your caravans and motorhomes deserve the best protection all year round and you can guarantee this with one of our Pro-Tec covers. You want to be able to fit and take off the cover at any given opportunity, quickly and effortlessly. How is this possible, you may ask?  


While in the past we received many compliments from customers praising the quality of our caravan and motorhome covers, some customers indicated that the covers could be a touch cumbersome to fit. We agreed, long caravan and motorhome covers can stretch 20ft-40ft which can prove challenging to manoeuvre while balancing on a step ladder. In response to customer feedback, we conducted thorough research in aid of a solution and we now produce and provide the Easy-Fit System with all full covers. 


The Easy-Fit system is a unique way to fit or take off your Pro-Tec cover quickly with minimal effort. pair of heavy-duty extendable poles are provided that can hook into the fitted D-Rings to slide the cover into place. The covers are designed with an open back panel that rolls up, so once the fitting pole is hooked, you can slide the cover across the natural sloping front of the caravan without fear of it getting caught. When the cover is in place, simply roll down this back panel, velcro it down and clip the buckles into place.  


This system is the only one available on the market, exclusive to Pro-Tec covers. Although the process is a lot easier, the heavy-duty strapping with adjustable easy release buckles ensures that the cover is robust, and your vehicle is well protected. The innovative Easy-Fit System is manufactured with sturdy non-rip material that will not weaken the cover; in fact, it probably strengthens it.   


This method means you don’t need as much height, so you can say goodbye to that step ladder for good. The length of the poles also gives you a lot more freedom of movement, which makes it possible to fit and take off a cover by yourself with ease.  Don't just take our word for it, you can see fellow caravanners demonstrating how easy it is! Click here to watch. 


The Easy-Fit system is like no other cover assistance mechanism out there. At first, the exclusive Easy-Fit System was available as an accessory feature but due to popular demand, it is now offered as standard on all full caravan and motorhome covers.  


Don’t waste any more time on leaving your caravan or motorhome without suitable protection. The Easy-Fit system is provided as a standard with all covers so make your order today! Click here to shop.