Caravan Magazines To Read During Isolation

We know the feeling … all you want to do is travel to a new destination in your beloved caravan or motorhome. But instead, travel plans have been cancelled and your caravan or motorhome has been parked for the foreseeable future. 


To help fill that void while we’re staying indoors and to keep our hobbies alive during this isolation period, why not dive into some caravan magazines? We’ve created a list of our favourite caravan and motorhome magazines on the market that will give you your fix until you can get back on the road.   


1. Caravan Club Magazine  


Caravan Club magazine is jam-packed with touring, campsite, events and technical advice with every issue. This magazine recommends the best places to caravan in the UK and abroad, as well as in-depth reviews of old and new caravan vehicles. This magazine is ideal to help you plan your next trip based on their reviews and recommendations by caravanners for caravanners. 


2. Practical Motorhome 


This is another great magazine filled with holiday inspiration, great for getting you excited for that first trip out. The publication also features tips from their technical experts to get more from your motorhome, with exclusive news and first tests on new motorhomes and accessories. 


3. Practical Caravan Magazine 


Ideal for any caravan enthusiast, this magazine provides you with rated and reviewed caravans by an expert team, alongside ideal tow cars. Practical Caravan Magazine also provides insightful information on the best places to travel with great views. 


4. Your First Caravan Magazine 


Maybe this time inside has motivated you to invest in your first caravan? If so, this magazine is perfect for you. However, even if you’re already a caravan owner, this magazine still can enlighten you with new caravanning tips. The tips include: how to choose the right caravan; new and used caravans: what your money buys; equipment you need to get started; further accessories you can invest in; and awning recommendations. 


5. Scottish Caravans and Motorhomes Magazine 


If you fancy an adventure in Scotland, this magazine is the one for you. Scottish Caravans and Motorhomes magazine is bursting with articles, reviews, news and much more from around Scotland and the North of England. This is great for both Scottish based readers and readers new to Scotland to discover unknown destinations that accommodate caravans and motorhomes. 


6. AA Caravan & Camping Guide 2020 


This guide will keep you occupied for a good few days. With over 850 campsites checked and rated by AA professional inspectors. AA Caravan and Camping Guide continue to showcase the best sites from across Britain. The guide includes recommendations for small spaces in quiet locations to large family holiday destinations. 


7. Camping and Caravanning Magazine 


This magazine comes from the oldest Caravan Club ‘The Camping and Caravan Club’ which is over 100 years old! The club brings its expertise to its monthly mag and shares tips on the best campsites, provides tips for vehicle maintenance and so much more. If you’re serious about caravanning or camping, this is the magazine for you! 


8. MMM – The Motorhomers’ Magazine  


A magazine that motorhomer’s can dive into! This magazine is filled with everything motorhome related from best campsites, motorhome tests and more. This has been the best-selling motorhome magazine for the last 50 years, so you need to give it a read!  


In the meantime, ensure your much-loved vehicle is protected to keep it in pristine condition for that first trip out. We’re still taking orders and want to stress that it is more important, now than ever that your caravan or motorhome is receiving bespoke protection while not in use. 


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