Which cover is right for me?

When you buy a motorhome or caravan, you are buying a long-term holiday home. Just like your home or car, the better you protect it, the longer it stays in good condition and the less money you will need to spend on maintenance. One of the best ways to keep your motorhome or caravan protected is to buy the right type of high-quality cover and this is where Pro-Tec can help.  


If you want to really ensure that your caravan or motorhome has the best protection available, simply choose the right one for your needs: 


Full covers – If you are storing your caravan out of season, then the best option is to go for a full cover. This will keep your motorhome or caravan fully sheltered from the elements, in comfortable hibernation until it is time to use it again. Your caravan will be protected from UV rays, rust and those annoying, paint damaging bird droppings, amongst other things 


All of our full covers for both caravans and motorhomes also come with our exclusive easy-fit system meaning they are a breeze to put on, regardless of the size of your holiday home! The back panel of our covers rolls up meaning you can slide the cover on from front to back without the need for step ladders.  


Whatever size or model your motorhome is, Pro-Tec will design the bespoke cover solution. With other cover manufacturers, you won’t get the same custom fit, that perfectly covers your specific model and fits around ladders, air cons and dishes. We tailor our covers to provide the perfect fit, ensuring the ultimate level of motorhome cover protection. 


As all of our covers are made to order and fully bespoke, they also come with door access for your habitation access and allowances for anything you may have fitted such as bike racks or solar panels.  


Towing covers  These covers are specifically designed for when you are on the move, protecting the front of your caravan whilst in transit. This can prevent stone chips, keep dirt from the road off and protect from all those other problems that might cause harm when you are travelling on a motorway, for example. 


Pro-Tec are the leaders in custom motorhome and caravan covers, providing features such as the unique Easy-Fit System and the most breathable covers available. This is what stands Pro-Tec ahead of the rest of the market when it comes to covers.  


Every Pro-Tec cover from our range comes with the Easy-Fit System as standard, which means each time you need to cover your motorhome or caravan, it can be done rapidly and requires just one person. If you want to avoid battling the wind and rain with a cover that is difficult to fit, then look at the Pro-Tec range for the best covers around.