A Guide to Our Products

At Pro-Tec Covers, we have been helping our customers to protect their caravans and motorhomes for many years. We are all part of one big caravanning family and we are constantly reviewing and modifying our product range to ensure that we can provide our customers with everything that the market is missing.  


Whether you have only recently purchased your first caravan or motorhome, or you have been part of the community for many years, we wanted to give you a bit more guidance on our current product range, so you can find the products that are most suited to your needs.  




We are leading the way when it comes to high-quality caravan and motorhome covers. A long time ago we saw that people were crying out for a better standard of covers. Across the market, we saw ill-fitting covers that did not provide the right protection, made from poor quality materials and people were struggling for hours to fit these covers. This inspired us to develop innovative caravan and motorhome covers that provide the level of protection that the caravan community deserves.   


We provide customised cover designs for all models, shapes and sizes, we even factor in details such as ladders, solar panels and air-con units to get the exact cover shape you need to provide optimum protection. In addition to this, all of our covers are the most breathable on the market and come with our unique Easy-Fit system as standard, making it quick and super easy to fit your cover. If that wasn’t enough, our covers also come with easy door-access!  


We provide bespoke designs for:  


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Pro-Tec Vehicle and Cover Cleaner  


As well as buying the Pro-Tec cover to suit your needs, the vehicle and cover cleaner is a great addition to keep both your caravan/motorhome and its cover in top condition. It is a waterless cleaner that provides a convenient, eco-friendly solution to clean, shine and protect your caravan or motorhome and cover. If you want to prolong the life of your cover and keep your paintwork looking as fresh and new as possible, the cleaner is an essential buy. One of our customers has mentioned their cover lasting 11 years thanks to proper care and consideration!  



Camper Trolley Motor Movers  


A motor mover can be a caravan owner’s best friend when it comes to getting out of a tight spot. They enable much easier manoeuvring of a caravan, for example, when on challenging terrain, or getting into a tricky angle. We have two powerful and sturdy motor mover models to choose from, available for single and double axles.  



If you would like to find out more information about any of our high-quality products, visit our website