Why UV Protection is Vital to Your Vehicle

Protecting your vehicle from UV rays is always important but this year with the current lockdown restrictions, there is even more reason to look after your vehicle. First of allthe lockdown means that campsites and caravan parks have had to close down and any travel plans for this summer will have been cancelled or at least on hold.  


So, instead of heading out in your caravan this summer, there is a good chance that it will be parked up for the majority of time. During this time, your vehicle will be at risk of getting damaged by the powerful UV rays throughout the summer months.  


You have probably noticed that the weather has been much warmer than usual recently and some scientists believe that the improvement in air quality due to the lockdown has resulted in more sunlight being able to reach the Earth’s surface. With this increase in sunny weather we are having, there will be more UV rays that can cause damage to your vehicle this summer. 


If you haven’t already prepared for the summer by buying a cover for your vehicle that offers high UV protection, you should be considering getting one now. As well as providing UV ray protection, a high-quality cover will prevent damage from tree sap, dirt and animal droppings which can all cause big problems to your paintwork. 


Damage to be aware of this summer 


  • UV rays can fade the paintwork of your vehicle 

  • Intense sun rays can damage your vehicle’s seals 

  • Dirt, animal droppings and tree sap combined with the sun is even more harmful 

  • UV rays can cause flaking and chalking of your paintwork 


To avoid these problems this summer and keep your vehicle in top condition, you can buy a Pro-Tec cover to provide the maximum protection to your caravan or motorhome. Our covers are ideal for using all year round because they are waterproof as well as offering UV protection. 


Our Pro-Tec covers are manufactured with our unique Caravanshield material which offers UV protection, as well as being the most breathable cover on the market. This means you don’t have to worry about your vehicle getting mildew, condensation or mould damage. 


Hopefully, we might still get to use our caravans later this year but until we are told it is safe to do so, the best thing we can do right now is make sure that our vehicles stay well protected and are ready to go when we eventually get the green light to go out in them. 


You can shop for the best Pro-Tec cover for your vehicle by clicking here.