Things to consider before buying a cover

If you’re reading this, it’s because you are interested in purchasing a cover for your caravan or motorhome – wise choice! Now before you rush to buy one, you must take the time to consider a few things before you buy.  


There are important factors to consider before buying a cover, so as the experts in the cover industry – we're going to run over what they are and offer our advice where we can.  


The size of your vehicle  


If you don’t know this, we would advise looking and getting your caravan or motorhome measured so that you know your measurements. This will be vital in getting a cover that fits your vehicle perfectly to protect it effectively. If you are still unsure on your measurements, our customer service team can advise as we have created covers for most models of caravans and motorhomes – so no matter what, we will get the right fit for you.  


Storage or towing? 


Which cover is going to be more useful for you? If your vehicle is stored somewhere where it’s exposed to tree sap, animal droppings, dirt, bad weather, UV rays – pretty much anything that can cause damage to your vehicle, then you may be better opting for a storage cover.  

If your vehicle spends more time on the road but you find it getting dirty, grubby and chipped in doing so – then a towing cover will be the best fit for you.   

If you’re unsure about which is best for you, don’t worry. We have another blog which you can read here which goes over the differences between the two and how to pick what is best for you.  


The cost  


You can get cheap covers from anywhere these days, that’s not a problem to find. What will be a problem however is the repeated payments you will have to make after it when the cheap cover does not keep your vehicle protected from water, UV damage or dirt effectively.   

Whilst a bespoke cover will be more expensive, you pay for the longevity. A bespoke cover like what you receive from Pro-Tec Cover can stay on for a whole year and protect your vehicle the whole time when cared for properly! This is a much better investment than buying a cheap cover and unfortunately paying the price when it doesn’t deliver its claims.  


Where you buy the cover from  


A poorly fitting cover can easily scratch your paintwork, scratch your windows, encourage condensation build-up and leave your van soaking wet after rainy days – not ideal. A Pro-Tec Cover does not run this risk and no we’re not being biased. The proof is our cover has been tested and is the most breathable cover on the market, that means it allows up to 1metre of water to sit on it whilst still being breathable – avoiding a wet van and condensation at the same time. Not many other covers will offer that.  


Not only that but our covers do not contain any plastic – this is the enemy of your vehicle and will cause damage to your paintwork. We use sturdy materials that are safe to your vehicle’s body whilst protecting it.  


Make sure you read the reviews of anyone you’re considering buying a cover from, do your research and make sure you buy a cover that can offer you UV protection, waterproof qualities, breathability and ultimate all-year round protection.  


If you want to shop any of the Pro-Tec covers, you can do so by clicking here.