Caravan parks back for summer

It’s felt like a lifetime since the caravan parks closed, which is why we were thrilled to hear that caravan parks and campsites will be re-opening from the 4th of July.  


We love heading out in our caravans, which we know is a passion we share with all our customers – so it’s been difficult the past few months knowing we can’t all do the thing we love. But now, the gloom has been lifted and the caravan parks will be open just in time for us to enjoy the British summer after all!  


The government announced earlier this week that campsites and caravan parks would be joining the other hospitality sectors that can re-open on July 4th.   


As with all businesses in this new world, social distancing measures will be applied to campsites and caravan parks – particularly in the shared facilities such as toilets and showers. This will mean consistent cleaning to keep them safe for residents.  


Along with the reopening plans, the government announced the new social distancing measures that are to be put in place to coincide with the re-opening of hospitality. The new social distancing measures are now 1-metre plus, rather than the 2-metres we have been accustomed to since March.  


The 1-metre plus rule means keeping a 1-metre distance from others, whilst also using other precautions to stay safe such as thorough hand washing and sanitisation or wearing a face mask.  


We know that with all of us facing so much uncertainty the past few months, campsites and caravan parks have had a large influx of enquiries to deal with. Whilst there will be a slow transition, it’s great to know that we will get our summer trips in after all.  


We created a list of caravan sites that you should check out after the lockdown rules are eased, which you can see here. These are the campsites that we think you should pay a visit to after July 4th!   


If you are planning a trip after lockdown, make sure you tell us over on our Facebook page where you’re heading to! Don’t forget, you can get your towing covers from Pro-Tec in the meantime to make sure you’re properly prepared for your trip.  


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