One cover for every season!

It’s important to protect your caravan from the elements through all seasons. If you are not able to store your motorhome or caravan in an indoor facility, we recommend the use of a protective cover to endure extreme weather in every season. We’ll explain to you per season why it’s necessary to invest in a good cover for your vehicle and what damage can be prevented if you do so:


Protecting your vehicle from sunlight is important all year round, however, in summer, it’s suggested to invest in a high-quality cover for UV light. Ultraviolet rays can fade the paintwork and damage your vehicle’s seals easily. To protect your vehicle from flaking or chalking, you should cover up your caravan or motorhome whenever you are not using it. Our covers offer full UV protection thanks to our unique CaravanShield fabric.


The cooling-off season brings more dirt and animal droppings than usual which is again harmful to the paintwork of your vehicle. Think of all the trees shedding their leaves and mud along roads splashing out. You don’t want to spend hours cleaning up your caravan every time you leave for a weekend getaway. A cover will save you time and energy, and it will also protect the bodywork from scrapes during any heavy autumn storms.


Most caravans and motorhomes spend this season in hibernation, so a protective cover is a must if you can’t store your vehicle in a climate-controlled facility. The weather is at its harshest in winter due to snowfall and freezing temperatures which can be damaging to your caravan’s exterior.


Springtime is when most covers come off and the holiday season starts again, however, it’s also the rainiest season. Heavy rainfall can cause water damage such as rust, electrical problems, and even mechanical problems. Puddles can be formed on top which can bend the roof of the vehicle. A waterproof cover is a necessity for any caravan owner, at Protec our covers are waterproof up to 1m and 100% breathable. No water can get through; therefore, your vehicle won’t encounter any water damage, whilst the breathable material makes sure that there won’t be any buildup of condensation, damp or mould on the outside of your vehicle.

Withstand any type of weather with Pro-Tec covers! We have been developing and manufacturing caravan covers for over 20 years in the heart of Yorkshire. We’ve created our very own, unique fabric that consists of a waterproof layer, a patented breathable membrane and a soft inner layer to prevent scratching. Our covers are fully breathable, waterproof and UV stable. To shop our range of caravan covers, simply visit our website here.