Caravanshield vs. Winter

The winter weather is very harsh and destructive, with powerful winds, heavy rainfall and freezing snow. It’s no surprise many vehicles end up at risk of damage during the winter – which has many people investing in caravan, motorhome and car covers.   


Unfortunately, unless you go to the right supplier you can end up creating more damage to your vehicle! With many covers, they are made of a material that can lead to scratching your vehicle’s paintwork – plus they do not allow your vehicle to breathe underneath, leading to mould and condensation build up over the winter.  


Our exclusive material, Caravanshield, was designed specially to combat these harsh winter elements. Caravanshield is a 3-ply material which is manufactured in the UK with a waterproof external layer. The layer is waterproof up to 1-metre of standing water but in order to make sure the cover remains breathable; we have a breathable membrane between the waterproof outer layer and soft-inner lining.  Therefore, your vehicle still has incredible protection, whilst also having the ability to breathe.   

The inner lining of the cover is non-abrasive, which guarantees that the cover will not scratch your van. We use no plastic in our covers, which is what makes our covers stand out. Even our straps and door access are made from heavy-duty Velcro – which again gives you sturdy quality without the damage inflicted to your caravan or motorhome.   


The sturdy material means any heavy winds will be no battle, there’s also the strong straps for extra security. Rain will be no threat to your vehicle, as the cover will allow up to 1-metre of standing water before any seeps through (almost waterproof). The breathability of the fabric will mean even with heavy rain downpours, your vehicle can breathe and effectively avoid mould and condensation.  


Even on a sunny day – those notoriously cold sunny days in winter, your vehicle can still benefit as the covers have UV protection. Meaning you won’t have to worry about fading or peeling on your paintwork.  


You can throw any season at our Pro-Tec covers and be rest assured that your vehicle will have the best protection on the market. This winter, don’t leave your vehicle exposed to the dangerous weather – protect it with Pro-Tec.  


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