How Our Covers Beat the Rain

Unfortunately, there is no way of avoiding the bad weather in the UK, but we can start planning for new adventures when the nicer weather returns next year. With heavy rainfall on the way and probably a few storms to contend with over the next few months, your vehicle must stay protected by a high-quality cover.

Rain is a damage risk for any vehicle, but motorhomes and caravans are particularly prone to damage due to the long, flat roof design which can mean that water puddles on some roofs, causing problems such as rust, especially to older vehicles with paintwork that is not protected against rust.

Water can also get into the vehicle if the seals are damaged at all, causing damp to form inside your vehicle. The other big concern is water getting under the bonnet of motorhomes and causing damage to the engine or electrics. Even using a cover will not necessarily protect your vehicle form these problems, as not all covers offer a high level of waterproof protection.

The benefits of using Pro-Tec covers

Pro-Tec Covers have a formulated material design that can withstand up to a metre of standing water before any will seep through. The unique CaravanShield material is manufactured in Scotland and it provides the optimum level of protection to caravans and motorhomes.

The Pro-Tec cover design consists of three layers, with the outer membrane being UV protected and the inner layer being non-abrasive, meaning you won’t have to worry about it scratching your paintwork in any way. 

The material is also much more breathable than other covers on the market, which prevents condensation and mould building up that can also cause serious damage to your vehicle. Many competitors’ covers use hard plastics in their material, which can scratch the exterior and these types of covers are also more prone to condensation and mould, as the covers are not very breathable.

Now is the time to order your cover

The temperature has dropped significantly recently, and this is a sure sign that winter is on its way, bringing the usual bad weather and maybe even snow that can be hazardous for your vehicle. If you want to make sure that your vehicle is kept fully protected over the winter months with a high-quality cover that you can use all year round, buy your Pro-Tec cover now and rest assured that your vehicle will be in optimum condition for next year’s adventures.

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