Road Safety Week – Safe Towing

Road Safety Week takes place between November 16th and 22nd this year, as our yearly reminder to be safe on the roads. Unfortunately, car collisions in Britain still occur with someone being injured on a UK road every 4 minutes* – which is why Brake host this annual awareness week every November.

To play our part in Road Safety Week, we’re going to share what we feel are important towing tips for safer driving experiences. If you want to get involved, please feel free to head over to our Facebook to share your safe driving tips too!

Tip 1 – Plan your journey ahead

With the extra weight on your vehicle, it takes longer for lane changes and overtaking can take longer – so the best cause of action is to plan your journey. By doing this, you can pick a route that will have as few hazards as possible.

Tip 2 – Check your lights

Especially as we approach winter where it gets darker earlier, this is a particularly important tip. Large trailers or loads can obscure the taillights on your towing vehicle and if the lights on your trailer are not illuminated, you run the risk of other drivers not seeing your vehicle – especially at night. Taillights that are improperly connected or not working can lead to accidents, so we would advise having a someone help you check both your taillights and brake lights are functioning properly.

Tip 3 – Focus on stability

Many obstacles can affect your stability, especially obstructions on the road such as potholes – so try to avoid these where you can. As winter approaches and winds increase, you must keep your vehicle as stable as possible. If your trailer does begin to sway from wind or a larger vehicle, just gradually reduce your speed and steer steadily – do not slam on the brakes whatsoever.

It's also important to note the UK laws surrounding towing with a cover on – the UK law states that all caravans must have front lights visible at all times and you must be able to operate these from your towing vehicle. That is why we designed our towing range with this in mind, offering a clear insert built into the cover or a light panel kit for you to place in the correct position.

We would always advise going against a towing cover that offer a manual light panel such as a push button, as these are not road legal as you have to physically turn them on at the source and cannot do so from your towing vehicle.

If you want to stay safe and protected on your travels this winter, invest in a towing cover from Pro-Tec Covers. They are designed, as mentioned above, to be road legal and safe – but also with optimum protection for your vehicle. They can beat rain, snow, hail, and everything else winter throws at you.

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*Information sourced from Brake UK -