Are caravan covers worth it?

If you are new to the world of caravanning, you may be wondering whether a cover for your caravan is worth it. As a team of avid caravanners, we are here to tell you the reasons why a caravan cover is worth investing in!

Value for Money

Initially, you may look at the price of a caravan cover and think it’s overpriced or too expensive – however, compare that to the price of repairing damage on your caravan and suddenly the value for money begins to weigh up. Without a caravan cover, your vehicle remains exposed to dirt, rain, chippings, and animal droppings – all of which can damage the exterior of your caravan and lead to a costly repair.

Ease of Mind

As we just mentioned, without a cover your vehicle remains exposed to damage – even if you store it in a garage. When you have a good cover on your vehicle, you can rest easy in the winter knowing that your vehicle isn’t at risk of getting soaked from heavy rainfall!


If you keep your vehicle in storage over the winter, such as parking it in a garage – it then means that come spring you have a huge cleaning job on your hands. Leaving it in storage over winter means you will likely have a lot of dirt build-up, dust and animal droppings on there– meaning you will have a lot to clean come spring. With a cover, you can simply put it on at the start of winter and remove when you’re ready to go back out in your caravan – easy!

There are places you can get a cheap caravan cover, however, this could also lead to a costly repair on your caravan. You see, many cheap caravan covers are made from plastic – this can mean your caravan is waterproof protected yes, but also it will probably get scratched and your paintwork will get chipped.

At Pro-Tec Covers, we provide caravan covers that are made from our material Caravanshield which allows your caravan to breathe, yet still provides incredible protection from rainfall. The breathable layer of our Caravanshield fabric allows your caravan to breathe whilst the sturdy material makes sure that water doesn’t seep through.

With a Pro-Tec cover, you will receive great value for money – you can leave our caravan covers on all year if you need to (which many people figured out during the pandemic) and still return to a clean, dry vehicle.

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