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How to Look After Your Washroom this Winter

Winter can cause a lot of different issues for vehicles but for caravans or motorhomes with appliances and plumbing systems, cold temperatures can be even more problematic. Water systems can get damaged by frost, bodywork can get damaged by the elements and other parts of your vehicle are at high risk in the winter if you do not take the right precautions.

Whether you are a new caravan owner, or you are simply looking for some expert tips on maintaining your caravan washroom this winter, we have all of the information you need. Here are some top tips for looking after your washroom this winter:

Drain down the water system

If your vehicle is going into storage over the winter and won’t be in use, the best way to protect your water system is to drain it and get all of the water out of it so that it cannot freeze and burst or crack the piping. You can do this by opening all the taps and external drain covers or alternatively you can buy a drain down kit to make sure that you get rid of all the water.

Drain the water tank

It is also a good idea to take the toilet flush pump out, as this could break if any water is left in the pump. You should also drain the flush water tank to your cassette toilet, by using the drain down pipe in the compartment where the cassette is located and removing the plug, with a bucket ready to fill with the water. If there is no drain down pipe, you should flush the toilet until all of the water is out and then empty the cassette.

Check for any signs of damp

Before you put the vehicle into storage, check for any signs of damp in the bathroom as it can often worsen over winter when the air is damper. Look for any damage to seals on the bathroom window, or areas around the floor that are lifting or have other visible signs of damage. Getting these issues fixed before winter will prevent them from growing into a bigger and more costly repair job. We have a blog about how to check for damp here which could help.

Thorough clean and empty

Giving your bathroom a really thorough clean will also help to reduce problems like mould from growing. When you don’t use a caravan for 4 months or so, if there is a bit of dirt or even soap or something similar left in the bathroom, when you get back in your caravan, it might have turned into mould. Make sure you empty the bathroom of any soaps, shampoos, gels, foams etc.

Get a breathable, waterproof cover

Fitting a high quality breathable and waterproof cover over your vehicle will protect the exterior by preventing issues caused by moisture. Our covers are the highest quality on the market and are designed using a unique, breathable fabric that prevents mould from developing.


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