How to Insulate a Touring Caravan for Winter

Just because the weather is colder over winter, it shouldn’t mean that you cannot get out and about with your touring caravan for fun adventures and a break away from everyday life. However, without the right insulation and other solutions in place, it can be too cold for a comfortable trip.


Even if you are not thinking about taking your caravan out this winter, you should make sure that it is well insulated to protect it from the harsh weather while in storage. Without proper insulation, you run the risk of your piping and taps getting cracked, as well as other damage that can be caused by freezing temperatures.


Fortunately, there are some ways you can insulate your caravan for extra warmth and protection:


Insulate piping


You can insulate your wastewater pipes using a wide range of different fabrics to wrap around the pipes. Adding salt to the wastewater container is also a good way of preventing it from freezing.


External water-carrying pipes should also be insulated using anything like old blankets to form a layer of protection from the cold weather.


Use propane gas


Butane gas is not as effective in colder weather, so switch to using propane gas during the winter until the weather starts to get a bit warmer. Most appliances take both types of gas, so you will just need to change the regulator to switch over to propane gas.


Install curtains/blinds


A lot of warmth is lost through windows, so it is a good idea to hang curtains over the windows or invest in some thermal blinds to keep your caravan as warm as possible. Draught excluders are also very good for keeping the heat in, and again this can be made from old duvets, blankets etc., you do not need to go and buy an excluder.


Switch to double glazing


Many modern caravans now have double glazed windows fitted, which reduces the amount of heat lost through the windows. This is a more expensive solution but if you plan on keeping your caravan for many years, you should find it is worthwhile, especially if you like to go camping in your caravan all year round.


Caravan heaters


There is a wide range of different heaters that you can buy for your touring caravan, that will keep your vehicle warm even on the coldest nights and with all of the added insulation solutions, you should be able to keep lots of heat inside your vehicle for a cosy staycation.


If you are putting your caravan into storage for winter then it is a good idea to drain the water system and water heater so that the water cannot freeze and damage the system. If possible, you should try and check your caravan occasionally when it is out of use, to check for any issues.


Cover for all weathers


Buying a high-quality cover for your caravan is also a very good way to protect your caravan throughout the winter months, keeping it dry and protected from the rain, heavy winds and snow. Pro-Tec covers provide the ultimate winter protection but can also be used all year round to keep your caravan clean and in optimum condition.


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