A Guide to Static Caravans


When you are deciding whether to buy a second home to holiday in, there are plenty of different choices. Caravans provide a holiday option closer to home so that you can get regular use, even while working in the week. You also have a choice between a static caravan that stays at the same park, or a motorhome or trailer caravan, if you prefer to have the option to move around on holidays.


In the last decade, static caravan designs have massively improved and most of them are like a second home, with all modern fixtures and fittings including kitchen appliances and showers. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing a static caravan:


No towing required


If you do not feel confident towing a caravan or do not want the effort of getting it set up each time you want to holiday, a static caravan is a better option. Also, you need to have a vehicle that has the towing capacity to tow a caravan, so you would also need to consider that when you buy a touring caravan.


More space


Static caravans come in a range of different sizes and most come with at least two bedrooms, which means there is more room and more privacy for you and your family or guests. With a motorhome or touring caravan, you generally need to convert living space into beds each night, so it is not as convenient or comfortable.


Less travel time


When you choose a static caravan, if you are planning to visit it at weekends, you can choose a fairly close caravan park, while still being far enough away to give you a change of scenery. If you are going to be travelling to your caravan at weekends, finding a park that is under two hours’ drive will make sure you get to enjoy your home away from home without spending too long on the motorway. You get to spend the whole weekend there, rather than rushing home on Sunday morning to get back.


Take a look at sites like this to find a static caravan site that is within the ideal travelling time from your home.


Caravan park facilities


You have a great selection of caravan parks to choose from for a static caravan, so you can choose priorities such as children’s entertainment, to onsite spa and heated outdoor pool. Facilities will be managed and maintained by the park staff, so you know any issues will be quickly dealt with. Some caravan park managers will also manage lettings for you if that is something you might consider in the future.


Part of the community


Another key benefit of choosing a static caravan is that you will become part of the community and will get to know other people who have caravans on the park. Children often make lots of new friends and adults get to know each other in a bar, or at an arranged event. You will also get to know the local area, so you know exactly where to go exploring and where all the local amenities are.


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