5 Best Cars for Towing in 2021


If you are considering buying a caravan and are wondering which car to buy to allow you to tow it, or you are ready to upgrade your existing car, there are a large number of great new models of cars for towing.


Whether you are looking for a vehicle with lots of storage space, a luxury car or something on the lower end of the budget range, we have some top recommendations for towing:


1. Land Rover Discovery


The Land Rover Discovery models have been a firm favourite for owners who tow caravans or horse trailers, due to the reliable and stable performance. However, they now back up their reliable reputation with smart technology to make them even more suitable for towing.


The Advanced Tow Assist System has been designed to make reversing a caravan much easier, which most caravan owners will tell you is one of the most difficult parts of towing. The Discovery can tow weights of up to three tonnes, has a 3-litre diesel engine and has great off-road ability, making it the perfect vehicle for towing, although it is at the higher end of the price range, starting at £47,745 for a new model.

2. SKODA Kodiaq


For a more budget-friendly option, the Skoda Kodiaq starts from £25,775 and has a towing capacity of 2000kg. One of the great features of this vehicle is that it can be changed from five-seat mode to seven-seat and has a massive boot for storage on your caravan trips.


Other features include heated front seats, perfect for a winter getaway, as well as sat nav and wireless phone charging. If you want something a bit more sporty, you can choose the SportLine model for an extra £10,000.


3. BMW 520d Touring

The BMW 520d Touring model is built for safe and steady towing and handles very well on the motorway, maintaining a solid, straight line even in high winds. It is very roomy, so it is ideal for family trips with lots of luggage.


Towing capacity is 1,700kg to 2,000kg and the BMW 520d Touring xDrive M Sport won the 2018 Tow Car Awards, so this model is very popular with caravan owners. Price starts from £39,890, although the xDrive M Sport will cost you more.

4. Nissan Qashqai

If affordability is one of your main priorities, then the Nissan Qashqai is definitely worth taking for a test drive. Starting from £20,195, the maximum towing capacity is 1,800kg and you might be surprised at the modern technology features that come with this vehicle.


3D maps, smartphone integration and drive assist features are some of the impressive advantages that come with the Qashqai.

5. Jaguar F-Pace


The F-Pace is both powerful and stable, with sporty handling and a really smooth acceleration. While it does not perform as well as the Discovery in terms of off-road ability, if you like luxury motors then this is one of the best towing vehicles to suit your taste, with a stunning, luxurious interior one of the main draws.


Towing capacity is 2,400kg and you can choose between diesel, petrol and plug-in hybrid. Prices for the F-Pace start from £40,860.


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