10 Handy Tips for Your First Caravanning Adventure

Planning your first caravan trip is an exciting time but you would be forgiven for feeling a little bit nervous too. Once you have been away once or twice in your caravan, you know exactly what to expect, how to prepare and what essentials you need to take with you.

On that first trip out, you might be worried about how to make sure everything goes smoothly, so you can concentrate on enjoying your trip.

Fortunately, we have been caravanning for decades and have been supplying the caravan community with their caravan trip essentials for many years too. So, we are in a great position to share with you the tips that will ensure that your first caravan adventure is the perfect getaway you have been looking forward to.

These are our top 10 tips:

1. Choose a highly rated site with good facilities

For your first trip in your caravan, it will make everything easier if you have a site with helpful staff, good facilities and one that has a nearby shop, in case you need to buy something you forgot. Take a look at the online reviews for the different sites, as you will find that you might need some advice and help from the site staff while you get used to everything.

2. Watch videos on coupling your car and caravan

This is the part that a lot of new caravanners get nervous about, making sure that the coupling is done correctly and safely. You should be able to find a few videos on YouTube from experts for the type of caravan you have.

3. Make a checklist

Writing out a checklist of all the items you need to take will help to make sure you do not forget anything important. Essential items include:

  • Towing mirrors
  • Water carrier
  • Wastewater carrier
  • Electric hook-up lead
  • Gas bottle
  • Rear number plate
  • Hitch lock and wheel clamp
  • Caravan step
  • Wheel chocks and blocks
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Tool kit
  • Torch

Once you have been on your first caravan adventure, you might find you need to add some more items to your checklist for future trips.

4. Carefully plan your journey and rest stops

If you are driving a far distance to your chosen site, make sure you have mapped out your journey, preferably using live traffic data to show if there are any current roadworks or diversions. On the day of your journey, map it out again to see if any problems require you to find an alternative route. Reversing a caravan is a niche skill, so it is better to make sure you do not go down any wrong turnings! You should also plan out regular rests from driving at service stations.

5. Check your tyres

Before going on any long journeys, you should check your car tyres and it is even more important to check your caravan tyres too.

6. Pack items securely

Remember if you are carrying items like plates and glasses, you should pack them safely and secure them, so they are not sliding backwards and forwards. Heavy items should be loaded low down and be placed directly above the axle.

7. Practice manoeuvring your caravan

In the weeks leading up to your trip, take your caravan out for some practice drives, so you can get more used to manoeuvring. An empty car park is a good place to get some practice in.

8. Practice putting your awning up

Another action you might want to try before you set off on your adventures is putting your awning up, so you get the hang of it. Otherwise, you might spend a large part of your first day battling with your awning instead of enjoying your holiday.

9. Check the weather forecast

It is always a good idea to check the weather forecast before your trip, so you can pack the appropriate types of clothing, but it is also important to expect the unexpected! Even if the weather is forecast as warm and sunny, pack some warm clothes and waterproofs just in case

10. Use a towing jacket

A good towing jacket will ensure that the front of your caravan is protected from stones and dirt on your journey, so you can arrive at the site with your clean new caravan.

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