How caravanning can help your mental health

April is Stress Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness around stress and how to manage it. The past year has been a challenge for most of us, with many experiencing stresses on a level they are unfamiliar with.

Dealing with stress can be different for every person, however, many members of the caravan and motorhome communities have mentioned how getting out in their caravan or motorhome has helped to relieve feelings of stress.

As part of Stress Awareness Month, we want to share some of the reasons that make caravanning such a stress-reliever.


It is probably not the first time you will have heard someone talk about the benefits of being outdoors, but it truly is natures free stress-relief. Getting outdoors allows you to be in peaceful, quiet settings with the sounds of nature – making it extremely hard to feel stressed or angry! Many sites are in remote settings with a lot of beautiful surrounding nature, so you will have stunning sights and quiet sounds to help you relax.

Digital detox

It’s very rare to see someone without a phone, iPad or laptop in their hand – we have grown to have technology devices with us all the time. However, this connection to social media and the internet isn’t always best for our mental health.

Particularly within the last year, with news about the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown scenarios – many people found they had to spend more time off their phone to avoid being overwhelmed with news, tweets and posts about the lockdown. For some, your digital device could be linked to the stress your feeling (work emails, conflicts with friends/family, etc.) – so some time away from your phone can do you the world of good.

Quality time

As many caravan and motorhome parks are in remote settings, you will often find there is no internet or signal – meaning you make do with your surroundings. If you travel with your family or close relationships, your time at the site can be great for quality time, allowing you to talk and either distract from the stress or to talk through how you’re feeling. Plus, if you do travel with kids and you go to a site with good facilities, you can enjoy time playing with them in the park or pools, cheering you up from the stress you’re feeling.

We’re getting closer and closer to the day we can travel to caravan and motorhome parks again, so hopefully, it won’t be long until you’re back within nature feeling relaxed. If you are planning a caravan trip as soon as we can head back out, then be sure to get a towing jacket from Pro-Tec Covers.

The last thing you want is damage to your caravan, especially if you are already feeling stressed. You can shop all towing jackets here.

If your stress is causing feelings of depression or anxiety, you should speak to a professional. Helplines for anyone struggling can be found here.