Holidays with kids in 2021 (and how to survive them!)

It’s been a long year that we’ve been stuck in the house for and all of us, including the kids, could probably do with a break! However, travelling with kids can be a difficult task – especially with all the energy they have built up during lockdown. That’s why we’re going to share some tips to make your journey as smooth as possible!

Keep it local

Nothing could be worse than travelling hours with a constant chorus of “are we there yet?” – which is why keeping your journey as short as possible is probably a good idea. If you do want to travel further afield, perhaps look at how many scheduled stops you can make (so that no emergency toilet breaks are needed!). Cutting some time off your journey will mean less time you have to worry about distractions for the little ones.

Keep them entertained

Without something to keep them entertained, your journey will feel like the longest car ride of your life! If your children use electronic devices like iPads or gaming devices, then make sure they’re packed in the car so they can amuse themselves for the journey. Otherwise, try some old-fashioned tactics like colouring books, car games or books.

Do your checks

The last thing you want is to pull up to any local amenities like restaurants and cafes to find out that they are closed (especially with a car full of hungry stomachs!). To avoid any aggravation, the best practice is to contact or research the businesses nearby and make sure that you’re familiar with their opening hours and availability. Especially in post-COVID times, many businesses may be temporarily closed so it’s best to check before you set off.

Look for facilities

If you are staying on a site that has great facilities for kids like parks or swimming pools then you already have entertainment for the kids right at your fingertips – which means less stressing about finding anything nearby! You could also plan your trip to stay near amenities such as theme parks, which we have a helpful blog about here.

You want to look forward to your summer holidays this year, especially since many of us were deprived of them last year, so following these tips will most likely guarantee a smooth sailing trip!

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