8 Great Apps That Every Caravanner Needs

One of the top benefits of owning a caravan is that it lets you escape the hectic world, including having some downtime away from digital devices but having the right apps can make your caravan trips much easier, so it is worth keeping your phone switched on for at least some parts of your trip.

Useful apps can provide you with all sorts of information, from finding the best caravan parks to discovering great bike trails, or where the nearest shop is. These are some of the top apps that every caravanner should have on their phone:


This is a great app for finding a site that perfectly meets your preferences, as it allows you to filter by facilities, location and price and it also has a function that allows you to find sites that are nearby to your location for those more spontaneous trips. You are also able to book your chosen site through the app once you have found it.

Live Traffic Info

Check whether there are any traffic delays and plan your quickest route using the Live Traffic Info app, which provides real-time information on all motorways and A-roads.

Motorway Services UK

When you need a pitstop or are planning which is the best services for choice of food or types of facilities, the Motorway Services UK app will give you all of the information you need.

Caravan Leveler

You will never struggle to level your caravan again with this handy app that uses your caravan’s dimensions and can tell you how many centimetres each wheel needs to be raised by. A very impressive app that will make parking up your caravan much easier and quicker.


The TripAdvisor app provides you with a huge amount of information, including reviews for caravan parks, top local attractions, the best restaurants and pubs nearby, pretty much everything you need to plan a great time in a new place!


Whether you are looking for hiking trails, bike trails or even the best waterways for canoeing, AllTrails provides you with suggested routes, along with information such as difficulty, length and rating. It can also tell you whether a route is family-friendly and help you to plan the exact type of trail that you are looking for.


This app is popular with people who love outdoor adventures and want to share their experiences with like-minded people. It is like a social network for the outdoorsy folk, and you can find new places to explore, as recommended by fellow adventurers.

Google Maps

This app will help you to map your journey, plan fun days out and it can also show you where to find local amenities. There is a search function that allows you to filter to search for places like restaurants, petrol stations, supermarkets, coffee shops, hotels, takeaways, chemists and pubs. If you are not familiar with the area, this app will save you loads of time looking for places.

Before your next caravan trip, make sure that you have installed all of these top caravanner apps. Now that the planning for your trip is sorted, have you got your cover sorted yet?

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