A Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up a Caravan On-Site

When you are a new caravan owner, there are many aspects of using your caravan that you will need to get used to before you can start going on trips. Adjusting to driving while towing your caravan, understanding the legal requirements of towing, and knowing how to attach your caravan safely are all essential steps before you get going.


Another area to master is getting your caravan set up when you arrive at a campsite. Many people think it is as simple as just driving onto the site and parking up but there is a lot more involved than that.


This guide explains what you need to do when you are setting up on-site:


Positioning your caravan on the pitch


You will have hopefully booked a pitch that is ready for you to drive straight onto when you arrive at the site. If you are using a fully serviced pitch, you need to make sure that you position your caravan close to the water and wastewater connections.


Some caravan sites will request that you reverse onto your pitch, so you should check this before you book and if you do not feel comfortable reversing your caravan yet, it might be better to book a different site. A lot of caravan owners invest in a motor mover to help them to get set up on their pitch, so that is an option worth looking at too.


Levelling your caravan


Making sure your caravan is level is another important and often challenging step of setting up your caravan. Some caravan owners use a spirit level to help with this but there are also apps for your smartphone that you can use.


You will need to start by levelling the axle, which could require you to drive one side up on levelling ramps. The next step is to release the stabiliser, put the handbrake on and lower the jockey wheel, locking it into position.


Uncouple the caravan


Uncouple the caravan by pulling the hitch head lever up and lifting the hitch from the tow bar. You should now disconnect the electrics and breakaway cable and then move your vehicle away from the caravan.


Use the jockey wheel to level the caravan front to back, with the spirit level or app indicating when it is completely level. The last step in setting your caravan position is to lower the corner steadies to stabilise the caravan. Your caravan should now be safe to use.


Turn your facilities on


Connect your mains power and turn on the fridge before setting up the water system. You will also need to put a chemical additive in the toilet cassette. Lastly, turn your gas on and you are ready to start enjoying your caravan holiday!


Make sure you also take your Pro-Tec Covers towing jacket with you when you are travelling, as this can prevent damage from stones, as well as stopping grime and dirt from covering your caravan while on your journey to your destination.


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