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Preparing your caravan or motorhome for autumn

It’s September next month and just like that, it will soon be autumn before we know it. It’s time to start thinking about how you are going to prepare your caravan or motorhome for autumn.

The right preparation for the winter months can set you up for a great spring, as you won’t come back to any issues such as mould or scratches.

In this blog, we’re going to share some tips on how to prepare your caravan or motorhome ready for the autumn!

  1. Give it a clean

All things such as bird droppings, dirt and grime can leave permanent marks if they are left untreated. If you leave your caravan or motorhome in storage through the autumn and winter, then you will want to make sure that it is clean to avoid coming back in the spring to irreversible damage!

  1. Water

Any water left in your caravan or motorhome will likely freeze or cause damp if left over the autumn and winter. You should drain your water tank, as well as draining things such as the flush tank and shower.

  1. Tyres

If you’re going to be leaving your caravan or motorhome for a long season, you should turn the wheels when parking up as that avoids any potential flat spots on your tyres. Also, give them the usual checks as you would before setting off for a journey so that you have one less thing to do in the spring.

  1. Keep it protected

As we mentioned with our first tip, the build-up of dirt and grime can leave permanent damage on your caravan or motorhome. Wherever you’re leaving your caravan or motorhome, whether it is on the drive or in a garage – you should keep it protected with a cover.

Many people will opt for a cheaper cover; however, these can usually cause more damage because it traps moisture underneath, usually leaving behind mould on the outside of your caravan or motorhome.

With a Pro-Tec Full Cover, you can still protect your caravan or motorhome without trapping moisture underneath. Our unique design means that up to 1-metre of standing water can sit on top of the caravan or motorhome before any would pass through. Our full cover has a breathable membrane layer, which stops any moisture from being trapped.

To give your caravan or motorhome the best protection through the autumn and winter, keep it protected with a Pro-Tec full cover.

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british manufacturerAll our covers are designed and manufactured in-house in Bradford, West Yorkshire by Pro-Tec Covers Ltd. None of our caravan or motorhome covers are outsourced. Our material, CaravanShield, has been exclusively developed in the UK and we are proud to say that it continues to be manufactured  here in the UK