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Guide to Winter Caravanning

Some of the best caravan and motorhome trips take place during the winter months when top destinations are not overcrowded with summer holidaymakers, and you can explore the most stunning parts of the UK in peace.


If you are planning some fun winter caravan or motorhome holidays, here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your time away and don’t let the weather spoil your fun:


Find a site with all the facilities you need


High-quality facilities will have a big influence on how much you enjoy your trip. So, make sure the site has an electric hook-up, toilet disposal or a modern shower and toilet block if you do not have your facilities.


A nice hot shower after a cold winter walk will help to ensure you can enjoy a cosy evening. Onsite launderettes are also really beneficial for winter caravanning as you are likely to be getting muddy on your walks.


Switch to propane gas cylinders


During winter, you need to use propane gas cylinders rather than butane, as the higher pressure means that it can still be used in low temperatures.


Take warm bedding


The temperatures can plummet at night in winter and unless you have a really good heater, your caravan and motorhome are likely to get cold at night. Make sure you take high tog duvets and extra blankets to keep you warm at night.


Get a caravan heater


A good heater that heats the room quickly will make sure you can get a good night’s sleep and can enjoy a cosy night in your caravan or motorhome. If you are thinking of going on regular winter trips, a heater will turn out to be a great long-term investment.


Pack warm clothes and waterproofs


You might have to wear multiple layers of clothes to keep warm and waterproofs are essential if you are planning on some winter walks during your trip. Pack plenty of thick socks and warm clothing such as gloves, hats and jumpers. Waterproof hiking boots with lining for extra warmth will also be a good footwear choice.


Go out for meals at night


In the summer, having BBQs and eating outdoors is all part of the fun but in winter it is a better idea to treat yourself to a meal at a local pub or restaurant. You need to be eating wholesome meals for energy to keep warm.


Take books and games to play


If you are planning on staying in at night, you will need to keep yourself occupied, so take a few books and some games to play.


Set off for the site early


You should aim to get to the campsite while it is still daylight, as it can be harder to park up and get set up in the dark. It is also safer to travel during the daytime when it is brighter.


Use a full cover on your caravan


To keep your caravan or motorhome in the best condition, you should use a breathable cover that will protect it from the winter weather. Otherwise, your vehicle can become damaged from the bad weather and dirt.


Pro-Tec Covers are fully breathable and come with the Easy-Fit ® System that ensures you can quickly put your cover on when the caravan is not being used.


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