Duo Cover® Launch

The Protec Duo Cover® has been a real puzzle that has taken us over a year to crack! Don't get us wrong, we love to sit down with a 3000 piece jigsaw on a winter's night with friends and family but this two piece jigsaw has had us really scratching our heads.

The major problem was how to get the front piece to fit like a glove in the same way the full cover and the towing cover fit.    The upshot of the story is that we've done it.  We decided to do this due to our constant communication with our customers.  Many of you asked the quesion, why don't you combine the two concepts?  We always take our customer feedback seriously and therefore decided to work it out.

So here it is, the Protec Duo Cover®, the Towing Cover and Full Cover in one.  It couldn't be easier!!! Unbuckle the cover and leave the towing cover in place, full protection at home and on the move.  Yet more innovation from Protec Covers and all thanks to you, our valued customers, thanks again!!