Do we Manufacture Front Towing Covers in Darker Colours?

We often get asked if we can manufacture our caravan towing covers in darker colours instead of the light grey that we use. We therefore consulted a 3rd party expert in caravan body shells and windows and their chemical makeup and they have strongly advised us against doing so. The reason for this is due to cyclic nature of the change in temperature from being stationery and being in transit. Due to the heat absorption with darker colours the temperature can rapidly fluctuate between 10 and 15 degrees presenting the possibility of serious damage to the bodywork, such as the glued seals becoming warped or actually breaking.

As our towing covers are manufactured in light grey then the majority of the heat is reflected and therefore avoids any such problems from arising.

Towing Cover Guarantee

At long last we can get our caravans out and start to tour again and we know that you need to plan ahead and get your towing cover ready for the season.  So we've pulled out the stops and we've set up a new production line to ensure that you get your towing cover when you need it.  We guarantee that you'll get your Generic Tow Cover within two weeks and if it's a tailored towing cover you'll get it within just four weeks.  Just make sure that you quote this promotion and we'll have it whisked to your door ready for your holidays. Happy Towing!!

Free Flags for Towing Covers

It will be St Georges Day on the 23rd of April and over the last few years there have been lots of debates about why the English never seem to celebrate St Georges Day when other regions such as Catalunya and countries such as Malta and Georgia most certainly do. 

So to redress the balance we are giving away free flags for St Georges Day on all towing covers  and just so the rest of the UK and Ireland can join in we're extending the offer to all British Isles Flags.  Happy Towing.

Time to Get the Towing Covers Out

Lots of you who ordered at the NEC will have got your towing covers recently (sorry if you're still waiting, the NEC was really busy again and there is a bit of a backlog). We're sure that you can't wait to get them out on the road or at least have some kind of a Spring to be able to give them a try.  If you are brave enough to do some winter caravanning then the towing cover is going to be a must to keep all the salt and gravel off the front of your caravan.  

We've uploaded the fitting instructions here just in case you didn't get any with your cover or you're out on the road and you've left the instructions at home.  Although we're sure you'll agree that they're really easy to get on.


Duo Pack Special Offer

duo pack_caravan_cover_towing_cover

Make the most of this fantastic offer! Order a standard caravan cover and a Generic Towing Cover and save
£40 and if you order a caravan cover with a Tailored Caravan Cover and you save a huge £60.  The Tailored Towing Covers are suitable for the Bailey Alu-Tech range, the new Swift such as the Sports, the new Bucanneers and Coachman shapes.

Our Towing Covers are all road legal, the Generic Towing Cover comes with an easy to us DIY kit for the light panels and have reflectors and the Tailored Towing Covers come with reflectors and a fitted clear panel for the towing lights.  To our knowledge these are the only Towing Covers on the market with these features, don't get caught out tow safe and legal with Pro-Tec Covers.