Free Flags for Towing Covers

It will be St Georges Day on the 23rd of April and over the last few years there have been lots of debates about why the English never seem to celebrate St Georges Day when other regions such as Catalunya and countries such as Malta and Georgia most certainly do. 

So to redress the balance we are giving away free flags for St Georges Day on all towing covers  and just so the rest of the UK and Ireland can join in we're extending the offer to all British Isles Flags.  Happy Towing.

Time to Get the Towing Covers Out

Lots of you who ordered at the NEC will have got your towing covers recently (sorry if you're still waiting, the NEC was really busy again and there is a bit of a backlog). We're sure that you can't wait to get them out on the road or at least have some kind of a Spring to be able to give them a try.  If you are brave enough to do some winter caravanning then the towing cover is going to be a must to keep all the salt and gravel off the front of your caravan.  

We've uploaded the fitting instructions here just in case you didn't get any with your cover or you're out on the road and you've left the instructions at home.  Although we're sure you'll agree that they're really easy to get on.


Duo Pack Special Offer

duo pack_caravan_cover_towing_cover

Make the most of this fantastic offer! Order a standard caravan cover and a Generic Towing Cover and save
£40 and if you order a caravan cover with a Tailored Caravan Cover and you save a huge £60.  The Tailored Towing Covers are suitable for the Bailey Alu-Tech range, the new Swift such as the Sports, the new Bucanneers and Coachman shapes.

Our Towing Covers are all road legal, the Generic Towing Cover comes with an easy to us DIY kit for the light panels and have reflectors and the Tailored Towing Covers come with reflectors and a fitted clear panel for the towing lights.  To our knowledge these are the only Towing Covers on the market with these features, don't get caught out tow safe and legal with Pro-Tec Covers.

Take Cover. The Dragons are Coming

protec covers_dragons_thankyou

Last night we took on the BBC's fiercest in the Dragon's Den and walked away with the support of two of the country's most successful entrepreneurs, Hilary Devey and Duncan Bannatyne.

Anne and Keith Proctor are the husband and wife team that faced the heat for Pro-Tec to represent our top selling bespoke caravan covers and motorhome covers. The pitch got underway to a nervy start but the two directors soon got into their stride when they were on familiar ground. When the Dragon's started to ask about the tailored covers their confidence won through.

Keith Proctor, Pro-Tec's Sales Director, explained "It was so strange to be in front of the people you have been watching on TV for years and no matter how much you prepare you can't help the nerves, though once they started to ask us about our products we relaxed because we are 100% sure of our covers".

Pro-Tec explained that the investment of 75,000 pounds that they were seeking would be used for new machines and techniques to further improve their leading product and more importantly they were seeking the opportunity to work with the Dragons to gain from their wide expertise to improve systems and open up new markets.

Peter Jones did not seem to see the strength of the product at first and compared it to a tarpaulin with poles and said that "it was a boring pitch" but all the Dragons' ears soon pricked up when they heard how long Pro-Tec had been making caravan and motorhome covers and the strength of the brand in the caravanning sector and Peter later said "I look a bit stupid now, I take it back.".

Eventually it got to the turn of Duncan and Hilary who questioned Anne and Keith on the details of the business. Pro-Tec were offered 75,000 pounds from both Dragons for a return of a 26pc share of the company to which they happily accepted.

Anne Proctor described the experience as "terrifying but thrilling at the same time".

A bright new future is about to start at Pro-Tec Covers and they cannot wait to work with Duncan and Hilary.

Peek Preview of Protec in the Den

protec covers_dragons_entrance

Well here's a photo, taken from a screenshot of last week's Dragon's Den, of our two directors looking much more serious than they usually are.  They said that it was one of the most nerve racking things that they've ever done but they started to become much more relaxed as the show went on.

The show was originally pencilled in to go out last night (4th Nov) but was replaced by Andrew Marr's Obama-What Happened to Hope? for the opcoming American elections and followed by Space Dive.  Both were extremely interesting but it means that we have to wait another week till we're on.  Who would have thought it,  the President of the USA getting priority over ProTec's world class caravan covers.   Even we can't protect against that!!

Anyway, not long to go now, we're definitely on BBC2 at 9PM on The Dragon's Den