How to Look After Your Washroom this Winter

Winter can cause a lot of different issues for vehicles but for caravans or motorhomes with appliances and plumbing systems, cold temperatures can be even more problematic. Water systems can get damaged by frost, bodywork can get damaged by the elements and other parts of your vehicle are at high risk in the winter if you do not take the right precautions.

Whether you are a new caravan owner, or you are simply looking for some expert tips on maintaining your caravan washroom this winter, we have all of the information you need. Here are some top tips for looking after your washroom this winter:

Drain down the water system

If your vehicle is going into storage over the winter and won’t be in use, the best way to protect your water system is to drain it and get all of the water out of it so that it cannot freeze and burst or crack the piping. You can do this by opening all the taps and external drain covers or alternatively you can buy a drain down kit to make sure that you get rid of all the water.

Drain the water tank

It is also a good idea to take the toilet flush pump out, as this could break if any water is left in the pump. You should also drain the flush water tank to your cassette toilet, by using the drain down pipe in the compartment where the cassette is located and removing the plug, with a bucket ready to fill with the water. If there is no drain down pipe, you should flush the toilet until all of the water is out and then empty the cassette.

Check for any signs of damp

Before you put the vehicle into storage, check for any signs of damp in the bathroom as it can often worsen over winter when the air is damper. Look for any damage to seals on the bathroom window, or areas around the floor that are lifting or have other visible signs of damage. Getting these issues fixed before winter will prevent them from growing into a bigger and more costly repair job. We have a blog about how to check for damp here which could help.

Thorough clean and empty

Giving your bathroom a really thorough clean will also help to reduce problems like mould from growing. When you don’t use a caravan for 4 months or so, if there is a bit of dirt or even soap or something similar left in the bathroom, when you get back in your caravan, it might have turned into mould. Make sure you empty the bathroom of any soaps, shampoos, gels, foams etc.

Get a breathable, waterproof cover

Fitting a high quality breathable and waterproof cover over your vehicle will protect the exterior by preventing issues caused by moisture. Our covers are the highest quality on the market and are designed using a unique, breathable fabric that prevents mould from developing.


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How to spot damp in your vehicle

The winter is coming and it's time to do our habitation checks in our caravan and motorhomes! All vehicles are susceptible to damp, no matter how secure it is – so here are some tips on how to spot damp in your vehicle. The earlier you spot it, the easier it is to treat it!

  1. Is there a smell?

One of the first signs of damp will be a smell when you enter your caravan, this will smell musty, mouldy or boggy and should be very detectable. This will be your first giveaway of whether you have damp in your vehicle or not.

  1. Watch the walls

Be sure to check your walls for any marks or staining – these will usually be dark wet patches and can be on your walls or floor, these stains indicate water stains. You should also check for black marks or residue around windows, doors and roof lights – as well as blue or pinkish staining to the wallboards. If your walls feel soft to the touch, this can also indicate a more serious damp problem underneath.

  1. Investigate the floor

If you notice your floor feels creaky or spongey, this is a sign of delamination which would indicate water or damp issue. It's important to act as soon as you notice this to avoid costly repairs!

  1. Get a damp meter

Of course, the most efficient way of seeing if there is a damp issue is by using a damp meter. These are a good investment as they can indicate early on if there is a problem ahead, saving you time and money on costly repairs!

How can I prevent damp?

As we approach the winter where most people's caravan's and motorhomes will be out of use for a couple of months, you must know how to prevent damp during these breaks.

  • Let air circulate – don't leave your caravan locked up for long periods, even if you're not using it just visit it and open some windows and allow the air to circulate.
  • Clean! – Before your caravan goes into storage, be sure to clean and vacuum the entire interior of your caravan regularly. Make sure surfaces are cleaned with anti-bacterial or disinfectant products and ensure it is all squeaky clean before it goes into storage.
  • Windows – Be sure to keep your windows open in kitchen and bathroom areas where a lot of water or steam is used. Try to do so straight after when the shower or oven have been used as this will help avoid a moisture build-up.

If you're worried about how to keep your caravan or motorhome safe this winter, Pro-Tec Covers are here to help you. Our covers are designed with a breathable membrane, to ensure that moisture build-up doesn't occur on the exterior of your vehicle.

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Caravan sites with seasonal pitches

If you are looking for a caravan site with seasonal pitches, look no further! We have done the hard work for you and researched some of the best campsites with seasonal pitches across the UK. Keep reading to see what made our list…

Chapel Lane Club Site, West Midlands

This lovely site is based near a charming old chapel and has an open-field horizon, so a perfect rural gem for anyone looking to get away from busy life. Nearby there are fascinating museums which are perfect for anyone with an interest in industrial heritage – we recommend The Transport Museum!

If you plan to take your kids, you will be nearby Cadbury World which is a great choice for a day out. If you have furry friends in the family, there are also dog walks nearby and a small dog walk on site.

Hebden Bridge Site, West Yorkshire

A tranquil caravan site in West Yorkshire, this is another great pick for a rural lover. Close to Hebden Bridge, you can visit the Victorian-style shops or the local craft centre for a fun day out! If there are any literary fans out there, you will have easy access to the famous Haworth Parsonage where the legendary Bronte sisters lived and worked.

There are a lot of destinations nearby for leisurely strolling, so this is great if you are looking to unwind. After a redevelopment, the site now has more all-weather pitches too.

Cirencester Park, Gloucester

This caravan site is set in a beautiful Grade I listed parkland – so perfect if you are looking for some beautiful scenery. You can take a walk in the surrounding natural landscape or head to the thriving market town of Cirencester.

If you are travelling with the family, you can shop, sample some local food treats, or visit the picturesque church and museum in the town! You’re also in close proximity to the Cotswolds, so a few days in the countryside is a great option.

Gwern-Y-Bwlch, Wales

Wales is known for its beautiful countryside scenery and this campsite offers no exception. Based in Mid Wales between Snowdonia and Montgomeryshire, this site offers incredible views of the valley. You can enjoy leisurely walks around the picturesque area, or if you’re a nature lover you can take up some birdwatching or fishing.

Having a seasonal pitch is a great idea as it means you can take a trip whenever you need to get away, one of the great luxuries of having your caravan or motorhome. Don’t forget, if you do have a seasonal pitch or are looking to get one – a Pro-Tec cover will help you out massively.

Whilst your caravan is on the pitch, our cover will be protecting your vehicle from any damage all year-round. Whether it be heavy rain, shining sun or freezing snow – our covers will give your vehicle the ultimate protection.

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Are caravan covers worth it?

If you are new to the world of caravanning, you may be wondering whether a cover for your caravan is worth it. As a team of avid caravanners, we are here to tell you the reasons why a caravan cover is worth investing in!

Value for Money

Initially, you may look at the price of a caravan cover and think it’s overpriced or too expensive – however, compare that to the price of repairing damage on your caravan and suddenly the value for money begins to weigh up. Without a caravan cover, your vehicle remains exposed to dirt, rain, chippings, and animal droppings – all of which can damage the exterior of your caravan and lead to a costly repair.

Ease of Mind

As we just mentioned, without a cover your vehicle remains exposed to damage – even if you store it in a garage. When you have a good cover on your vehicle, you can rest easy in the winter knowing that your vehicle isn’t at risk of getting soaked from heavy rainfall!


If you keep your vehicle in storage over the winter, such as parking it in a garage – it then means that come spring you have a huge cleaning job on your hands. Leaving it in storage over winter means you will likely have a lot of dirt build-up, dust and animal droppings on there– meaning you will have a lot to clean come spring. With a cover, you can simply put it on at the start of winter and remove when you’re ready to go back out in your caravan – easy!

There are places you can get a cheap caravan cover, however, this could also lead to a costly repair on your caravan. You see, many cheap caravan covers are made from plastic – this can mean your caravan is waterproof protected yes, but also it will probably get scratched and your paintwork will get chipped.

At Pro-Tec Covers, we provide caravan covers that are made from our material Caravanshield which allows your caravan to breathe, yet still provides incredible protection from rainfall. The breathable layer of our Caravanshield fabric allows your caravan to breathe whilst the sturdy material makes sure that water doesn’t seep through.

With a Pro-Tec cover, you will receive great value for money – you can leave our caravan covers on all year if you need to (which many people figured out during the pandemic) and still return to a clean, dry vehicle.

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Tips for Winter Caravanners

Holidays really haven’t been the same this year but as a caravan owner, you are in the fortunate position to have your own home away from home, allowing you to get away and have a much-needed change of scenery.

A lot of caravanners are looking to get out on some adventures in the UK this winter and for some, this is their first winter of caravanning, so there are some extra considerations to be aware of compared to caravan trips in the summer.

Here are some tips for a safe and enjoyable winter staycation in your caravan:

Pack for all weathers

Whether you are heading up to the Scottish Highlands, or a beautiful coastal spot in Cornwall, the UK weather can be very unpredictable, so it is best to pack for all weather types. Make sure you pack your wellingtons and waterproofs if you want to get out for walks and plenty of warm clothing too.

Fit winter tyres

To give your caravan some extra grip for a safer journey, you can get winter tyres fitted. Alternatively, you should make sure that you give your tyres a thorough inspection for any cracks or damage and check the tyre pressure is correct before you set off. You should also check the tread, as even slightly worn tyres will be dangerous on icy roads.

Take a spare battery

You really don’t want to take any risks with your battery, as being without heating or power will be a worse-case scenario in freezing temperatures, so it is a good idea to take a spare with you just in case.

Change to propane gas

Butane gas is ineffective when the temperature drops below zero, so you should switch over to propane gas for your winter caravanning trips.

Add anti-freeze to waste water

To prevent your waste water from freezing, you can add anti-freeze. Remember, anti-freeze can be poisonous if ingested, so never add to drinking water. However, you can try insulating your piping and water carrier to prevent freezing.

Take grip mats

When the weather is wet or icy, remember to take slip mats to prevent you from getting stuck in the mud or snow/ice.

Check your heating system

Give your heating system a check over before you go. You might want to get it serviced to give you extra peace of mind that your heating won’t break down while you are away.

Drive more carefully

In winter weather, all drivers should be more cautious and drive slower than usual, but this is even more important when driving a caravan. Check your lights are all working and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination before it turns dark. Make sure that contents in your caravan are evenly distributed.

Take a towing jacket

A towing jacket will help protect your caravan from picking up grime and dirt while in transit and prevent issues such as stones cracking your window. The towing jackets from Pro-Tec provide excellent protection against the elements.

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