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Caravan tips for the Spring

Now that January is nearly at an end, we can start to look forward to Spring. Longer daylight hours, blossom on the trees, warmer weather and most importantly, the start of caravanning season!

Between the months of March and April, most caravanning sites begin to open their gates again and welcome caravanners and campers from around the country. Booking your place during the first few weeks of the season could secure you a great early bird discount rate!

Want to make sure your caravan is ready for the season?

Here is a list of our top tips to get your caravan ready for the Spring!

1.       Check Your Tires – During the winter your caravan tires may have deflated or even gone flat. Carefully inspect your tires before making any trips. Check for any cracks, bulges or damage to the tires and the wheel arches. Also, be sure to check they are correctly inflated to the right pressure. Don’t forget to check the spare tire too!

2.       Check the Electrics –Make sure all electrical goods in the caravan work before setting off! Nothing could be worse than arriving at your destination and discovering that the lights don’t work. Carefully check each electrical device and outlet within the caravan to ensure everything is in safe, working order.

3.       Securing Everything –Safety comes first when towing a caravan. Be sure that all your security devices are in working order. Test any hitch locks or wheel locks to ensure they will still protect your asset from theft. Also, rigorously test the door and window locks to make sure they are still secure.

4.       Water Check –The cold weather during winter could have caused some damage to your water system. A build-up of ice could lead to leaks or cracks within the water system and toilet cassette. Flush out the water system and change the filter (if needed). If you spot any leaks, get the water system replaced immediately.

5.       Look for Damp –Damp can easily occur during the winter months. The cold and wet weather paired with the caravan being unused gives damp the perfect opportunity to damage your caravan interior. Make sure to check all windows, doors, and skylights for any signs of leaks of mildew. Check all upholstery too, if damp has set in your upholstery it may need to be replaced.

Performing these checks will ensure that your caravan is safe and ready for the next touring season!
Once you are sure that your caravan is in good shape and ready for touring, keep it protected with one of our specialist covers.

When you purchase a cover or towing jackets from Pro-Tec, you can be sure that your caravan is safe from damp, UV damage, water damage, and dirt. Our covers also come with a soft underlayer meaning no damage to paintwork or windows. Our covers are tailored to your caravan ensuring that it is the perfect fit. Find out more about our range here:

Pubs with overnight stays in the North

As spring gets closer and closer, we want to help you plan your trips away! Whether you’re heading out with your caravan or motorhome, it’s great to find a nice pub to stop off at for some hearty food and a nice drink.


As we’re based in the North, we thought we would give you some great recommendations of pubs with overnight stays for caravans and motorhomes, all based in the North! Look and see what made our list below…


Spital Farm, Scarborough 


Don’t let this site fool you because of its size, although it’s a smaller site it is very well equipped. Located conveniently for Scarborough and Filey, the site poses outstanding views of the Vale of Pickering.


This site is also family-friendly and has an open field for kids to play! It is open to those who want to camp in tents, caravans or motorhomes. So, an all-round winner! Families can enjoy the 16th-century pub and carvery restaurant located on the site.


The Dotterel Inn, North Yorkshire


Just in reach of the coast, this lovely site offers back-to-basics camping with gorgeous greenery and lovely views across the site. The site is dog-friendly and has delicious food and drink in the pub, perfect after a long day of exploring! A lovely touch from the owners is that they offer campers a £5 voucher to spend in the pub. Caravans and motorhomes are welcome here.


The Punch Bowl, Lancaster 


Sitting on the borders of North Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria, this campsite offers a cosy and beautiful stay. One side offers the Forest of Bowland and on the other is the incredible Yorkshire Dales – meaning there’s plenty to do on your stay! The site has a real-fire, restaurant and beer garden for campers, so you will be in for a treat.

Due to the position of the entrance, only motorhomes can stay here.


The Hammer and Pincers, Newton Aycliffe


Great news for dog lovers, as this is the perfect site to take your four-legged friend! The pub is surrounded by countryside and is very spacious, making it the perfect place for long walks and taking in beautiful sights. The site is in reach of Darlington, Bishop Auckland, and Durham. The site has real campfires and a great pub to enjoy some food and drink in. This site is only available for caravans!


We hope you find somewhere on our list for your next trip away! If you have any suggestions for our readers, make sure you post them over on our social! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know where you’re heading on your next trip.


Top Family-Friendly Caravan Sites in the UK

Now that the new year is fully in swing, our brains are wandering to spring and we’re already planning our trips for the half-term, and we’re sure you’re the  same!

To keep you excited for Spring, we have compiled a list of the top-rated family friendly caravan sites across the UK.

Take a look below and start planning your perfect Easter holiday today!

Gullivers Meadow, Milton Keynes

This campsite opens on March 3rd so just in time for the Spring half term. This campsite is located right by Gullivers World Theme Park and has park tickets, so kids will be thrilled! The campsite itself also has a children’s play area and a designated dog walk, so even your furry friends can come along. There’s even a high ropes attraction and an indoor water factory! Your family will have a long list of activities to get through.

Dulhorn Farm, Weston-Super-Mare

Situated between two Somerset seaside resorts of Weston-Super-Mare and Burnham-on-Sea, this site is the perfect family-friendly holiday park. With two large play areas and a large sports field equipped with basketball and football nets, there’s plenty of room and activities for your little ones to play. The site is also a working farm, so there are plenty of farm animals for your kids to see and the tractor tours are extremely popular for families too!

Brighton Caravan Club, Brighton

This idyllic coastal site is located 2 miles from east of Brighton and has easy access to many attractions. The site is next to some perfect historic sites such as the Arundel Castle and Gardens in nearby West Sussex or the historic town of Lewes. The site also has a playground and dog walk so it’s a perfect place for the whole family!

Littlesea, Dorset

This gorgeous seaside site has beautiful lagoon views, pretty coastal paths and sand and pebble beaches in close proximity. The site is only a short drive from Weymouth’s Blue-Flag winning sandy beach and is the perfect place to explore the gorgeous local surroundings. This site is also dog friendly and has plenty of amenities for children such as a heated outdoor pool, indoor play area and evening entertainment!

There are so many more amazing family-friendly caravan sites in the UK, these are just a few of our favourites. What are your favourites? We would love to hear them on our social media!

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Tips for travelling with pets

When you’re heading on a caravan or motorhome holiday, it can be hard to leave your furry friends behind. But, you don’t have to! Many UK Caravanners and motorhome enthusiasts take their pooches to campsites every year.

If you’re new to travelling with pets, we have put together some handy tips on what to prepare and things to expect when travelling with pets!

Pet Passport

If you only plan to travel in the UK, this won’t be a problem. However if your holiday plans stretch further afield, you will need to make sure your pet has a pet passport that enables them to travel outside of the UK. We would recommend preparing this a few months before you plan to travel to allow plenty of time for it to arrive!

Another thing to consider if you are travelling outside of the UK is the UK law that pets require a worming treatment before re-entry into the UK.  If you are wondering about the laws surrounding taking pets in and out of the UK you can find everything you need to know here.

Suitable Restraint

The Highway Code states that animals must be suitably restrained when travelling. This is to make sure they don’t distract you whilst you’re driving or cause and injury to you or themselves. There are many different restraints for dogs especially available so maybe trial some different restraints before your trip to see what your pet feels most comfortable with; this could be a dog seatbelt or a cage.

Planned Stops

No matter the distance of your journey, it is a good consideration to have a planned stop on the way. Your pooch will definitely be excited and it’s good to avoid any accidents happening on the way!

Animal Restrictions

If you’re heading to a campsite the likelihood is that you have already done your research. But if it is your first time travelling with a pet, you may need to do extra research to make sure that your campsite definitely allows animals. Some campsites do not allow pets or they will have restrictions such as lead-only areas. We would recommend giving the campsite a call or having a look online to be certain your pet will be allowed.

Travelling with your pets to a campsite is so fun; our owners have done it for years with their dogs and always have plenty of great stories when they return. If you consider all of the above, you too will be able to make some amazing memories with your family and of course, your pet!

If you are in need of a cover or towing jacket before you travel, make sure you get in touch with our team today! Click here to view our whole range.

Why does my motorhome need a cover?

Not everyone has the luxury or ability to be able to store their motorhomes in a climate-controlled indoor facility – and many motorhomes will be forced to endure extreme weather all year round. Therefore, a need is created for an easy solution to help protect your motorhome. But, why exactly should you cover your motorhome? 
Harsh Environments/Moisture Control
We think it goes without saying that using a cover for your motorhome can help protect it from harsh environments such as heavy wind and rainfall, as well as sleet and snow. Although some covers, when left unattended, can start creating condensation, mildew, and mould due to unbreathable fabrics. It is essential that when choosing your motorhome cover, that you choose a material that is breathable – allowing naturally occurring moisture to evaporate. At Pro-Tec, our material is independently proven by lab reports to be significantly more breathable than our nearest competitor. 
Protection from Dust & Dirt 
Constantly cleaning your motorhome when the weather is poor can be seen, by anyone, as quite the task. Choosing to protect it with the use of a quality cover can help reduce the number of times this is needed – therefore saving you time and energy.
UV Damage Protection 
That’s right – not only can the wind and rain damage your motorhome, but the sun can, too! The sun’s ultraviolet rays can affect your motorhome by fading the colouring as well as corroding and cracking the paint. Make sure that the cover of your choice has UV-blocking properties is essential, as just because the light is blocked, doesn’t always mean that the UV rays are as well. At Pro-Tec we ensure that all our motorhome covers are UV-preventative. 
Safety & Security 
The benefits of a cover don’t only focus on the timely preservation of your motorhome asset, but also the safety and security of it. In terms of a cover, this will help hide the identity of your motorhome to a certain degree whilst it’s left dormant during the harsh winter months and has the potential to ‘hide’ any valuables left inside (although, we still recommend removing anything of value from your motorhome whilst it’s not in use). 
At Pro-Tec, we have been developing and manufacturing caravan covers for over 20 years in the heart of Yorkshire. We are avid caravanners ourselves, so we know exactly what people need when it comes to a cover either for towing or for storage. To shop our range of caravan covers, simply visit our website here.


british manufacturerAll our covers are designed and manufactured in-house in Bradford, West Yorkshire by Pro-Tec Covers Ltd. None of our caravan or motorhome covers are outsourced. Our material, CaravanShield, has been exclusively developed in the UK and we are proud to say that it continues to be manufactured  here in the UK