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A Guide to Static Caravans


When you are deciding whether to buy a second home to holiday in, there are plenty of different choices. Caravans provide a holiday option closer to home so that you can get regular use, even while working in the week. You also have a choice between a static caravan that stays at the same park, or a motorhome or trailer caravan, if you prefer to have the option to move around on holidays.


In the last decade, static caravan designs have massively improved and most of them are like a second home, with all modern fixtures and fittings including kitchen appliances and showers. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing a static caravan:


No towing required


If you do not feel confident towing a caravan or do not want the effort of getting it set up each time you want to holiday, a static caravan is a better option. Also, you need to have a vehicle that has the towing capacity to tow a caravan, so you would also need to consider that when you buy a touring caravan.


More space


Static caravans come in a range of different sizes and most come with at least two bedrooms, which means there is more room and more privacy for you and your family or guests. With a motorhome or touring caravan, you generally need to convert living space into beds each night, so it is not as convenient or comfortable.


Less travel time


When you choose a static caravan, if you are planning to visit it at weekends, you can choose a fairly close caravan park, while still being far enough away to give you a change of scenery. If you are going to be travelling to your caravan at weekends, finding a park that is under two hours’ drive will make sure you get to enjoy your home away from home without spending too long on the motorway. You get to spend the whole weekend there, rather than rushing home on Sunday morning to get back.


Take a look at sites like this to find a static caravan site that is within the ideal travelling time from your home.


Caravan park facilities


You have a great selection of caravan parks to choose from for a static caravan, so you can choose priorities such as children’s entertainment, to onsite spa and heated outdoor pool. Facilities will be managed and maintained by the park staff, so you know any issues will be quickly dealt with. Some caravan park managers will also manage lettings for you if that is something you might consider in the future.


Part of the community


Another key benefit of choosing a static caravan is that you will become part of the community and will get to know other people who have caravans on the park. Children often make lots of new friends and adults get to know each other in a bar, or at an arranged event. You will also get to know the local area, so you know exactly where to go exploring and where all the local amenities are.


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Everything you need for a caravan trip

Whether you're going on a caravan holiday for the first time or you're a seasoned caravan holiday veteran, a packing checklist is the best way to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

A great way to make sure you've got everything covered is to go "room by room" in your vehicle; that way everywhere in your caravan or motorhome is going to be kitted out, ready for your caravan or motorhome trip.

There’s no packing checklist that’s perfect for everyone as it’ll depend on a lot of things such as your own individual needs, where you’re taking your holiday and what time of year it is. However, we think this list should cover everything you need to consider and may jog your mind to think of a few other things that might not have occurred to you yet!

Living Room Area


When it comes to the living room area of your vehicle, it's important to consider who's coming with you on this trip as that'll determine what you need. For this blog, we'll assume you're taking kids and list what they're going to need too.


  • Electronic devices (i.e. tablets, phones)
  • Chargers for your devices
  • Notepads and pens
  • DVDs for the TV (if you have one)
  • Toys, Colouring Books, etc.
  • Books
  • Board Games

Kitchen Area

The kitchen area is where you're going to prepare your food, so here are some things you should consider packing.

  • Washing Up Liquid
  • Sponges/Brushes
  • Tea Towels
  • Bin Bags
  • Kitchen Roll
  • Crockery and Cutlery
  • Tubs and Plates/Cutlery for Picnics etc.
  • Staple Foods (such as bread, milk, cereal, tea bags, tinned food and butter)


Again, it's important to consider who's on the trip and what their individual needs are when it comes to sleeping.

  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Pyjamas
  • Teddy Bears or Other Sleeping Aids for Kids


Different people are going to need different things when it comes to the bathroom so make sure everyone's covered.

  • Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
  • Toilet Roll
  • Shampoo, Shower Gel etc.
  • Towels (make sure you have spares too, just in case)

Pack For The Weather

You must always consider the weather when you're going on a caravan or motorhome trip. Of course, it depends on the seasons, but we all know that in the UK it's best to have all the bases covered. One minute it’s raining, the next minute the sun is beaming down on you, then it’ll start raining again!

Warm Weather

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Hats
  • Swimming Costumes
  • Sandals or Flip-Flops
  • Sun Cream

Wet Weather

  • Waterproof Jackets and Trousers
  • Wellies
  • Gloves
  • Hats

Cold Weather

  • Warm Coat
  • Wellies or Warm Boots
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Scarves
  • Sleeping Socks

Other Necessities

This section is more dependent on you as an individual and what you're planning to do on your caravan holiday so it's worth giving it a read through and making note of anything you think you're going to need to pack:

  • Medication
  • Earplugs (if someone in the caravan is a snorer)
  • Powerbanks (if you need to give your devices an extra charge while you're out)
  • Camera
  • Maps and Guidebooks

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Top Caravan Sites for Water sports

When it comes to a caravanning holiday, the list of activities you can do is endless! If one of the activities that take your fancy is water sports then this blog will be perfect for you. We’re going to list some caravan sites that are great for those looking to get involved in water sports activities.

Newquay Holiday Park, Cornwall

Cornwall is a great location for those who love water anyway, but Newquay Holiday Park is even more of a treat! With three outdoor swimming pools on-site and surfing and water sports available on the beaches of Newquay, this is the ideal site for those who love water.

There’s plenty for kids too if you plan on bringing the family, you can also try some delicious food at Tregenna Bar and Grill.

Ruda Holiday Park, Devon

Ideally located by Croyde Bay, this campsite is referred to as ‘surfer’s paradise’  and is a great location for those looking to get involved in water sports. Indoors there is a tropical pool complex where there are water rapids, waterfalls and hydro jets – so you can still get in the water even if the weather isn’t on side.

Outside, you can head to Croyde and hire a variety of boards, wetsuits and more from the holiday park’s surf shop.

Ladram Bay Holiday Park, Devon

Another great site which is located by the Jurassic Coast, this site is known to have something for everyone. With a pool complex full to the brim with slides, fountains, a sauna and jacuzzi – you will be in for a treat no matter what the weather is. The Ladram Bay Holiday Centre has a ton of instructor-led activities where you can try raft building or sea scooters! Not only that, but you can also try your hand on the private beach with water sports from the shore.

That’s not all you can look forward to on this site, as the kids can also make sure of the Jurassic-themed adventure golf course whilst adults can relax and unwind in the Waves bar.

Fiskerton Wharf, Nottinghamshire

Located right by the River Trent, this site is a great place to get away for a watery weekend. You can rent a day boat to explore or even take the ferry if you’re not up for navigating yourself. The site is also half an hour from Go Ape so it’s perfect for any type of adventure you have planned!

There is also a popular pub next door for you to unwind in during the evenings and you’re only 20 minutes away from Newark-on-Trent if you wanted to venture out!

Wherever you choose to stay in 2021, make sure your vehicle is ready with Pro-Tec Covers! With most sites re-opening in March, your vehicle needs to stay protected from the harsh winter elements until then – which is why a cover from Pro-Tec is perfect.

Our covers will keep your caravan or motorhome safe from rain, snow, hail and dirt – so make sure you don’t leave your vehicle exposed to damage. Shop all of our full covers here.   

Top Caravan Sites with Great Dog Walks

If you are looking for a caravan site that is dog friendly and situated perfectly for great dog walks, there are plenty to choose from across the UK. Fortunately, we have managed to whittle our favourite ones down, to provide you with our top six caravan sites for dog walks:

Watterow Touring Park, Taunton, Somerset

This stunning site is known as ‘The Garden in the Valley’ due to its scenic garden-like feel, aligned with trees and shrubs, with a backdrop of the beautiful valleys. The site is located near to the River Tone, ideally located for flat walks along the canal paths and Hurstone Local Nature Reserve is a short distance away too, where there are lots of grassy fields to roam. Watterow Touring Park is adult-only, so it is a perfect choice if you want somewhere a bit quieter and child-free.

Coniston Park Coppice, Lake District

The Lake District is the ideal destination for a range of different walks, as you can choose between flat ones around the lakes or take on something a bit more challenging with an ascent. This caravan park is set in a huge National Trust woodland area, just a short distance from Coniston Water, with a 400-yard walk to the lakeside. This site has a lot of children’s activities going on too, as well as water sports at the lake if you are going on a family trip.

Plassey Holiday Park, Dee Valley, North Wales

Plassey Leisure Park is a luxury holiday park where furry friends are more than welcome. The site has a dog exercise area for off-lead fun, as well as three miles of local nature trails for on-lead walks. The facilities are exceptional at Plassey, with onsite restaurants and cafes, a golf course, an indoor heated pool, a retail village and lots of sports facilities.

Dunnet Bay Caravan Club Site, Thurso, Highlands

Set in the stunning Scottish Highlands, Dunnet Bay is ideal for beach walks, as well as longer coastal walks and there are also many sites of historic interest nearby, such as Castle Mey. A short distance from the site you can take a ferry trip to Orkney and visit the famous John O’Groats. If you and your dog enjoy a coastal holiday, you will love Dunnet Bay.

West Runton Club Site, Norfolk

There are some amazing sites around the Norfolk coast and West Runton is one of the top choices for easily accessing the best dog walks. As well as being close to numerous beaches, there are vast amounts of picturesque countryside in this part of East Anglia, with many different trail options for walks of all levels of difficulty.

Wolverley Club Site, Kidderminster

This site is ideal for a mix of different types of walks, being within close proximity to the Worcestershire countryside, as well as being able to explore the nearby canal towpaths. You will find a dog-friendly pub a short distance from the site (The Lock Inn), as well as an onsite dog walk. There are some lovely local villages nearby too if you fancy venturing out to a café or restaurant.

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How to Insulate a Touring Caravan for Winter

Just because the weather is colder over winter, it shouldn’t mean that you cannot get out and about with your touring caravan for fun adventures and a break away from everyday life. However, without the right insulation and other solutions in place, it can be too cold for a comfortable trip.


Even if you are not thinking about taking your caravan out this winter, you should make sure that it is well insulated to protect it from the harsh weather while in storage. Without proper insulation, you run the risk of your piping and taps getting cracked, as well as other damage that can be caused by freezing temperatures.


Fortunately, there are some ways you can insulate your caravan for extra warmth and protection:


Insulate piping


You can insulate your wastewater pipes using a wide range of different fabrics to wrap around the pipes. Adding salt to the wastewater container is also a good way of preventing it from freezing.


External water-carrying pipes should also be insulated using anything like old blankets to form a layer of protection from the cold weather.


Use propane gas


Butane gas is not as effective in colder weather, so switch to using propane gas during the winter until the weather starts to get a bit warmer. Most appliances take both types of gas, so you will just need to change the regulator to switch over to propane gas.


Install curtains/blinds


A lot of warmth is lost through windows, so it is a good idea to hang curtains over the windows or invest in some thermal blinds to keep your caravan as warm as possible. Draught excluders are also very good for keeping the heat in, and again this can be made from old duvets, blankets etc., you do not need to go and buy an excluder.


Switch to double glazing


Many modern caravans now have double glazed windows fitted, which reduces the amount of heat lost through the windows. This is a more expensive solution but if you plan on keeping your caravan for many years, you should find it is worthwhile, especially if you like to go camping in your caravan all year round.


Caravan heaters


There is a wide range of different heaters that you can buy for your touring caravan, that will keep your vehicle warm even on the coldest nights and with all of the added insulation solutions, you should be able to keep lots of heat inside your vehicle for a cosy staycation.


If you are putting your caravan into storage for winter then it is a good idea to drain the water system and water heater so that the water cannot freeze and damage the system. If possible, you should try and check your caravan occasionally when it is out of use, to check for any issues.


Cover for all weathers


Buying a high-quality cover for your caravan is also a very good way to protect your caravan throughout the winter months, keeping it dry and protected from the rain, heavy winds and snow. Pro-Tec covers provide the ultimate winter protection but can also be used all year round to keep your caravan clean and in optimum condition.


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