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How to Insulate a Touring Caravan for Winter

Just because the weather is colder over winter, it shouldn’t mean that you cannot get out and about with your touring caravan for fun adventures and a break away from everyday life. However, without the right insulation and other solutions in place, it can be too cold for a comfortable trip.


Even if you are not thinking about taking your caravan out this winter, you should make sure that it is well insulated to protect it from the harsh weather while in storage. Without proper insulation, you run the risk of your piping and taps getting cracked, as well as other damage that can be caused by freezing temperatures.


Fortunately, there are some ways you can insulate your caravan for extra warmth and protection:


Insulate piping


You can insulate your wastewater pipes using a wide range of different fabrics to wrap around the pipes. Adding salt to the wastewater container is also a good way of preventing it from freezing.


External water-carrying pipes should also be insulated using anything like old blankets to form a layer of protection from the cold weather.


Use propane gas


Butane gas is not as effective in colder weather, so switch to using propane gas during the winter until the weather starts to get a bit warmer. Most appliances take both types of gas, so you will just need to change the regulator to switch over to propane gas.


Install curtains/blinds


A lot of warmth is lost through windows, so it is a good idea to hang curtains over the windows or invest in some thermal blinds to keep your caravan as warm as possible. Draught excluders are also very good for keeping the heat in, and again this can be made from old duvets, blankets etc., you do not need to go and buy an excluder.


Switch to double glazing


Many modern caravans now have double glazed windows fitted, which reduces the amount of heat lost through the windows. This is a more expensive solution but if you plan on keeping your caravan for many years, you should find it is worthwhile, especially if you like to go camping in your caravan all year round.


Caravan heaters


There is a wide range of different heaters that you can buy for your touring caravan, that will keep your vehicle warm even on the coldest nights and with all of the added insulation solutions, you should be able to keep lots of heat inside your vehicle for a cosy staycation.


If you are putting your caravan into storage for winter then it is a good idea to drain the water system and water heater so that the water cannot freeze and damage the system. If possible, you should try and check your caravan occasionally when it is out of use, to check for any issues.


Cover for all weathers


Buying a high-quality cover for your caravan is also a very good way to protect your caravan throughout the winter months, keeping it dry and protected from the rain, heavy winds and snow. Pro-Tec covers provide the ultimate winter protection but can also be used all year round to keep your caravan clean and in optimum condition.


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Do Caravan Covers Cause Damp?

Looking after your caravan or motorhome properly will help to ensure that you do not have to pay for unnecessary repairs, and you will keep it in the best possible condition for longer, ready for decades of travel adventures.

The bad weather in winter causes numerous problems for vehicles, both internally and externally, which is why careful storage is required. When you put your caravan or motorhome into storage out of season, the best way to keep it protected is to use a cover, to shelter it from wind, rain, snow and hail.

However, some covers can cause problems such as external damp, so you should consider this when you are buying your cover. Plastic covers will cause external damp on caravans and motorhomes, which is a big concern that can be very costly to fix, so you should avoid using covers that are made from hard plastic.

How do plastic covers cause damp?

When using hard plastic covers, when it rains or snows, the water sits on top of the cover causing the vehicle to ‘sweat’ which creates external damp to the vehicle. As the water is not able to naturally pass through the cover, the water will gather on top of it and that moisture can quickly turn into a damp problem. So, while these types of covers provide a waterproof cover to stop water from getting in, when there is sitting water on the roof, your vehicle is likely to be getting damaged by ‘sweating’.

Plastic covers are also renowned for causing scratches to paintwork because they are made from hard plastic that can cause abrasions when pulling over the paintwork. So, if you want to protect your caravan from the elements but avoid the hazards associated with using plastic covers, there is another option.

Breathable covers

Caravanners and motorhomers have faced the challenges of using plastic covers for years, which is why Pro-Tec knew a solution was required to prevent these problems. Pro-Tec is a company set up by caravan owners to put this long-time problem in the past.

Pro-Tec developed an innovative fabric consisting of three layers, specifically designed to protect caravans from the wide range of hazards that are commonly faced by caravan and motorhome owners. The PROTEX003 fabric is exclusive to Pro-Tec and it is a 3-ply material that has a breathable membrane layer, which allows 1-metre of standing water but due to the breathable membrane, water can naturally pass through, avoiding the ‘sweating’ situation which causes external damp.

The Pro-Tec cover also protects from UV rays and is made from a non-abrasive material, so you do not have to worry about scratching your paintwork or your windows when you are fitting or taking off your cover. Pro-Tec covers also come with the unique Easy-Fit System, exclusive to Pro-Tec Covers, that makes fitting your cover easy and hassle-free.

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Static Caravan Parks Open All Year Round

If you are looking for a festive getaway, maybe to bring the New Year in with your family, or simply to recharge the batteries somewhere quiet and tranquil, there are plenty of great static caravan sites that stay open all year round.


Or maybe you are thinking about purchasing a static caravan and want to know which sites you will be able to stay on all year round, to spend all of your holidays at and have the flexibility to get away whenever you fancy.


Here are some of our favourite static caravan sites that stay open all year round, for wonderful winter holidays and fun adventures the whole year through:


Lufflands Caravan Park, Holsworthy Devon


The South West of England has a great selection of caravan parks to choose from and Lufflands scores very high in customer reviews. The location is perfect if you enjoy scenic, coastal walks, with Bude being a short drive away. The site is pet friendly and there are a number of different static caravan hire options including 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom caravans, so you can get an idea of whether you like it before you decide where you want to keep a static caravan.


Plas Coch, Anglesey


This fabulous 12-month season holiday park is a 5* owners only site that has been voted the best spa facility in the UK. With stunning views of Snowdonia and the best facilities you can find, if you are looking for a luxury site for your static caravan, you should definitely take a look at this one. Situated on the Isle of Anglesey, this offers the perfect retreat.


Amble Links, Northumberland


Situated on the North East coast, this pet-friendly park has an indoor pool and gym as well as a children’s adventure park and on-site entertainment. Close enough to Newcastle if you fancy a day in the city but far enough away to be in a quiet and peaceful coastal spot. There are lots of good walking trails in the area and the park has a wide range of different static caravans for sale.


Ribble Valley Country and Leisure Park, Lancashire


This beautiful static caravan site is open all year round and has a host of great facilities including a gym, playground and a games room. The park is in very close proximity to the Forest of Bowland and is only a short drive from the Lake District and is in a very scenic part of the country.


Sandy Balls Holiday Village,The New Forest, Hampshire


The New Forest is an idyllic area of England and this park is the perfect location for countryside adventures. The holiday village has an indoor and an outdoor pool and there is also a jacuzzi and sauna to enjoy. It is also a very popular area for cyclists, with lots of great routes nearby.


These are our top picks for all year-round static caravan parks and they all offer a wide range of options if you are looking to buy your new holiday home.


If you are planning on travelling over the winter, make sure your vehicle is kept well protected with a Pro-Tec cover. We provide bespoke, high quality covers for cars, motorhomes and caravans, so shop today and protect your vehicle all year round.


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How to Look After Your Washroom this Winter

Winter can cause a lot of different issues for vehicles but for caravans or motorhomes with appliances and plumbing systems, cold temperatures can be even more problematic. Water systems can get damaged by frost, bodywork can get damaged by the elements and other parts of your vehicle are at high risk in the winter if you do not take the right precautions.

Whether you are a new caravan owner, or you are simply looking for some expert tips on maintaining your caravan washroom this winter, we have all of the information you need. Here are some top tips for looking after your washroom this winter:

Drain down the water system

If your vehicle is going into storage over the winter and won’t be in use, the best way to protect your water system is to drain it and get all of the water out of it so that it cannot freeze and burst or crack the piping. You can do this by opening all the taps and external drain covers or alternatively you can buy a drain down kit to make sure that you get rid of all the water.

Drain the water tank

It is also a good idea to take the toilet flush pump out, as this could break if any water is left in the pump. You should also drain the flush water tank to your cassette toilet, by using the drain down pipe in the compartment where the cassette is located and removing the plug, with a bucket ready to fill with the water. If there is no drain down pipe, you should flush the toilet until all of the water is out and then empty the cassette.

Check for any signs of damp

Before you put the vehicle into storage, check for any signs of damp in the bathroom as it can often worsen over winter when the air is damper. Look for any damage to seals on the bathroom window, or areas around the floor that are lifting or have other visible signs of damage. Getting these issues fixed before winter will prevent them from growing into a bigger and more costly repair job. We have a blog about how to check for damp here which could help.

Thorough clean and empty

Giving your bathroom a really thorough clean will also help to reduce problems like mould from growing. When you don’t use a caravan for 4 months or so, if there is a bit of dirt or even soap or something similar left in the bathroom, when you get back in your caravan, it might have turned into mould. Make sure you empty the bathroom of any soaps, shampoos, gels, foams etc.

Get a breathable, waterproof cover

Fitting a high quality breathable and waterproof cover over your vehicle will protect the exterior by preventing issues caused by moisture. Our covers are the highest quality on the market and are designed using a unique, breathable fabric that prevents mould from developing.


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How to spot damp in your vehicle

The winter is coming and it's time to do our habitation checks in our caravan and motorhomes! All vehicles are susceptible to damp, no matter how secure it is – so here are some tips on how to spot damp in your vehicle. The earlier you spot it, the easier it is to treat it!

  1. Is there a smell?

One of the first signs of damp will be a smell when you enter your caravan, this will smell musty, mouldy or boggy and should be very detectable. This will be your first giveaway of whether you have damp in your vehicle or not.

  1. Watch the walls

Be sure to check your walls for any marks or staining – these will usually be dark wet patches and can be on your walls or floor, these stains indicate water stains. You should also check for black marks or residue around windows, doors and roof lights – as well as blue or pinkish staining to the wallboards. If your walls feel soft to the touch, this can also indicate a more serious damp problem underneath.

  1. Investigate the floor

If you notice your floor feels creaky or spongey, this is a sign of delamination which would indicate water or damp issue. It's important to act as soon as you notice this to avoid costly repairs!

  1. Get a damp meter

Of course, the most efficient way of seeing if there is a damp issue is by using a damp meter. These are a good investment as they can indicate early on if there is a problem ahead, saving you time and money on costly repairs!

How can I prevent damp?

As we approach the winter where most people's caravan's and motorhomes will be out of use for a couple of months, you must know how to prevent damp during these breaks.

  • Let air circulate – don't leave your caravan locked up for long periods, even if you're not using it just visit it and open some windows and allow the air to circulate.
  • Clean! – Before your caravan goes into storage, be sure to clean and vacuum the entire interior of your caravan regularly. Make sure surfaces are cleaned with anti-bacterial or disinfectant products and ensure it is all squeaky clean before it goes into storage.
  • Windows – Be sure to keep your windows open in kitchen and bathroom areas where a lot of water or steam is used. Try to do so straight after when the shower or oven have been used as this will help avoid a moisture build-up.

If you're worried about how to keep your caravan or motorhome safe this winter, Pro-Tec Covers are here to help you. Our covers are designed with a breathable membrane, to ensure that moisture build-up doesn't occur on the exterior of your vehicle.

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