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Guide to Winter Caravanning

Some of the best caravan and motorhome trips take place during the winter months when top destinations are not overcrowded with summer holidaymakers, and you can explore the most stunning parts of the UK in peace.


If you are planning some fun winter caravan or motorhome holidays, here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your time away and don’t let the weather spoil your fun:


Find a site with all the facilities you need


High-quality facilities will have a big influence on how much you enjoy your trip. So, make sure the site has an electric hook-up, toilet disposal or a modern shower and toilet block if you do not have your facilities.


A nice hot shower after a cold winter walk will help to ensure you can enjoy a cosy evening. Onsite launderettes are also really beneficial for winter caravanning as you are likely to be getting muddy on your walks.


Switch to propane gas cylinders


During winter, you need to use propane gas cylinders rather than butane, as the higher pressure means that it can still be used in low temperatures.


Take warm bedding


The temperatures can plummet at night in winter and unless you have a really good heater, your caravan and motorhome are likely to get cold at night. Make sure you take high tog duvets and extra blankets to keep you warm at night.


Get a caravan heater


A good heater that heats the room quickly will make sure you can get a good night’s sleep and can enjoy a cosy night in your caravan or motorhome. If you are thinking of going on regular winter trips, a heater will turn out to be a great long-term investment.


Pack warm clothes and waterproofs


You might have to wear multiple layers of clothes to keep warm and waterproofs are essential if you are planning on some winter walks during your trip. Pack plenty of thick socks and warm clothing such as gloves, hats and jumpers. Waterproof hiking boots with lining for extra warmth will also be a good footwear choice.


Go out for meals at night


In the summer, having BBQs and eating outdoors is all part of the fun but in winter it is a better idea to treat yourself to a meal at a local pub or restaurant. You need to be eating wholesome meals for energy to keep warm.


Take books and games to play


If you are planning on staying in at night, you will need to keep yourself occupied, so take a few books and some games to play.


Set off for the site early


You should aim to get to the campsite while it is still daylight, as it can be harder to park up and get set up in the dark. It is also safer to travel during the daytime when it is brighter.


Use a full cover on your caravan


To keep your caravan or motorhome in the best condition, you should use a breathable cover that will protect it from the winter weather. Otherwise, your vehicle can become damaged from the bad weather and dirt.


Pro-Tec Covers are fully breathable and come with the Easy-Fit ® System that ensures you can quickly put your cover on when the caravan is not being used.


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Preparing your caravan or motorhome for autumn

It’s September next month and just like that, it will soon be autumn before we know it. It’s time to start thinking about how you are going to prepare your caravan or motorhome for autumn.

The right preparation for the winter months can set you up for a great spring, as you won’t come back to any issues such as mould or scratches.

In this blog, we’re going to share some tips on how to prepare your caravan or motorhome ready for the autumn!

  1. Give it a clean

All things such as bird droppings, dirt and grime can leave permanent marks if they are left untreated. If you leave your caravan or motorhome in storage through the autumn and winter, then you will want to make sure that it is clean to avoid coming back in the spring to irreversible damage!

  1. Water

Any water left in your caravan or motorhome will likely freeze or cause damp if left over the autumn and winter. You should drain your water tank, as well as draining things such as the flush tank and shower.

  1. Tyres

If you’re going to be leaving your caravan or motorhome for a long season, you should turn the wheels when parking up as that avoids any potential flat spots on your tyres. Also, give them the usual checks as you would before setting off for a journey so that you have one less thing to do in the spring.

  1. Keep it protected

As we mentioned with our first tip, the build-up of dirt and grime can leave permanent damage on your caravan or motorhome. Wherever you’re leaving your caravan or motorhome, whether it is on the drive or in a garage – you should keep it protected with a cover.

Many people will opt for a cheaper cover; however, these can usually cause more damage because it traps moisture underneath, usually leaving behind mould on the outside of your caravan or motorhome.

With a Pro-Tec Full Cover, you can still protect your caravan or motorhome without trapping moisture underneath. Our unique design means that up to 1-metre of standing water can sit on top of the caravan or motorhome before any would pass through. Our full cover has a breathable membrane layer, which stops any moisture from being trapped.

To give your caravan or motorhome the best protection through the autumn and winter, keep it protected with a Pro-Tec full cover.

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What to do when it’s wet and windy!

Towing your caravan can be a challenge at the best of times but adding wet and windy weather conditions on top of that makes it even more difficult. We are prone to wet and windy weather conditions here in the UK, so it’s best to be prepared for these circumstances which is exactly what we’re here to do today.

Here are our top tips for towing in wet and windy weather:

Check your car and caravan condition

This should be done before any trip on the road but especially so when the weather condition is bad. The tyres on both your car and caravan need to be correctly inflated and well beneath the tread limit, otherwise, this will affect the tyre’s performance in wet weather.

You should also look at topping up your screen wash and make sure your blades are working properly so that your screen doesn’t end up smeared on the road.

Be Slow

Stopping distances increase dramatically when the weather is wet and rainy, so make sure you leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front. Plus, if you are driving slowly, you are less likely to experience hydroplaning.

Watch the weight

You want your vehicle to be as stable as possible when winds are high, so make sure you load your caravan carefully and distribute the equipment equally. You should keep any heavy items in the caravan low down and close to the axle.

Emergency kit

If you should end up stuck, an emergency kit will be essential so you should pack one before your trip. Your emergency kit should include blankets, hi-vis jackets, boots, torches, shovels, ice scrapers, a warning triangle, a mobile phone charger, water and snacks.

Prevent if you can

Prevention is better than cure, so the best thing to do is to keep an eye on the weather forecast for when you are planning to go away. When booking a trip, consider the time of year that you are planning to go on a trip. For example, if you are looking to go away between January and March – you’re likely to face some bad weather conditions, so it’s best to prepare yourself for this beforehand and book accordingly.

Towing jacket

When the weather is poor, the roads become more dangerous for caravans and the elements that can damage your caravan become less avoidable. Roads will be muddier, dirtier and are therefore more likely to cause some expensive damage to your caravan. You can prevent this however with our towing jacket, which will keep your caravan safe whilst you are heading to your caravan destination.

Don’t let your caravan get damaged in the wet and windy weather, protect it with Pro-Tec Covers.

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The best tips for caravan and motorhome users in 2021!

Now that restrictions have officially lifted in the UK, many of us will be gearing up our caravan’s and motorhomes after a long year without travel.

However, if you are new to travelling in a caravan or motorhome, or you’re simply a little rusty after not travelling for a year – it can make your first trip back slightly overwhelming.

Not to fear! We have put together a list of tips that are suitable whether you’re a newbie or an experienced caravan or motorhome, driver. The pandemic has changed a lot of things, travel included, so these tips are relevant for right now!

Tip 1 – Do your Research

Like most businesses, campsites have had to make a lot of adjustments following the pandemic, which is why it’s always best to do your research. Spend time planning the destination where you want to stay to make sure it’s available, as well as making sure the facilities match what you’re looking for (dog walks, children’s playgrounds, etc).

You should also review the policies the site has to make sure if it has been updated, then you are fully aware of what you need to do upon arrival and during your stay. Some sites have changed their arrival times, usage of shared facilities and so on, so be sure to check this when booking your stay.

Tip 2 – Make a list

In the flurry of excitement knowing that you’re going to a campsite, you may miss an item off your packing list that could cause quite an inconvenience. Most supermarkets do still have quite limited stock of items, so the last thing you want is to be stuck without a general household item during your trip.

Make a list before taking off, so that you don’t forget anything and can enjoy your trip without worry. If you aren’t sure what to take with you, check out our list of essential items here.

Tip 3 – Test everything

Most people’s motorhomes and caravans have now been parked up for the best part of a year which is a lot longer than winter storage! Before heading off, make sure you do all the essential checks on your vehicle to ensure there are no nasty surprises when you hit the road. If you aren’t sure what needs checking, you can use one of our previous blogs about getting your caravan or motorhome ready for the season. You can read this here.

Tip 4 – Pro-tect It

You have waited all this time to go back to a campsite, so the last thing you want is to turn up with damage to your vehicle. Unfortunately, this is more likely to happen than you may consider with things like road chips, dirt and gravel all being likely to damage your vehicle.

However, you can protect it with Pro-Tec Covers! Our towing jacket is designed to keep your caravan safe on the road when in transit.

Get ready to head back to the campsites by shopping for our towing jackets here.

The Top 10 Must-Have Caravan & Motorhome Accessories (that you need this summer!)

To fully enjoy your trips to the maximum, as well as picking the best destinations for your adventures, you also need to pick the top accessories. Whether you are going away with the family to the coast, or taking a hiking holiday in the countryside, these are some of the top accessories you should take with you:

Motorhome WiFi – 4G Pack 1

If you want to stay connected while you are away, a Motorhome WiFi 4G Pack 1 will keep the kids entertained in the evenings, allow you to stream the TV, or use your caravanning apps to plan your days out.

Cadac Grillo Chef Barbecue

No summer trip is complete without a few BBQs but when you have limited storage space, only a good quality, compact barbecue will do. The Cadac Grillo Chef Barbecue is a table-top unit that is easy to clean and has Thermogrill heat dispersal technology for consistent cooking across the grill.

EMOVE 303 Manual Motor Mover

Whether you are a new caravan owner or have been part of the caravanning community for years, maneuvering your caravan in small spaces never gets easier, unless you invest in a good motor mover. The EMOVE 303 is a popular choice, as it is small and easy to store but does the job well.

Washable Dirt Trapper Doormat

When you are spending as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors, it is difficult to avoid bring some dirt into your caravan or motorhome. With a washable dirt trapper doormat, you can make sure that you and your family are not bringing in and spreading dirt all around the caravan.

Collapsible Water Container

A fresh water container is an essential item for any caravan or motorhome trip but bulky containers take up too much room, so a collapsible water container is the most convenient option for collecting your water on your caravan trips.

Leisurewize LWACC299 Twin Towing Mirrors

To be legally compliant and to ensure a safe journey, you need to install towing mirrors that will give you the best view of the road behind you. The stick-n side mirrors are easy to install into the optimum position for safe driving.

Mistralvan Camper Air Conditioner System

Going away in your caravan in summer allows you to enjoy the warm weather and means you can sit outside in the warm evenings but in summer your caravan can also get very hot inside. If you struggle to sleep in warm temperatures, an air conditioner system is a must-have for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Bialetti Espresso Maker

If you are a coffee lover, the best way to start your day of adventures is with a good coffee and the Bialetti Espresso Maker can set you up for the day with rich tasting coffee. It can make up to six cups of coffee at a time, so there’s no need to spend ages making everybody a coffee by re-boiling the kettle several times.


One of the best parts of getting away is enjoying al fresco picnics in scenic spots and a good quality coolbox is the accessory you need for keeping your food and drinks chilled. An electronic, battery powered coolbox is a great option if you have the budget.

Pro-Tec Towing Jackets

When you are travelling, your caravan can pick up a lot of dirt and grime off the road, as well as the risk of stones flicking up and damaging your caravan. The best solution for caravan protection while in transit is to buy a towing jacket from Pro-Tec Covers.

View the tailored and generic towing jackets from Pro-Tec to complete your list of essential caravan accessories.


british manufacturerAll our covers are designed and manufactured in-house in Bradford, West Yorkshire by Pro-Tec Covers Ltd. None of our caravan or motorhome covers are outsourced. Our material, CaravanShield, has been exclusively developed in the UK and we are proud to say that it continues to be manufactured  here in the UK