Caravan sites near theme parks

Get ready to hear a lot of “are we there yet?” because today we’re showing you some caravan sites that are ideally located by some of the UK’s most loved theme parks.

Last year wasn’t great for family trips or days out, so this summer we will have a lot to make up for! If you’re thinking of something fun to do later this year, why not check out these caravan sites that are located by theme parks?

Alton, The Star – Stoke-On-Trent

This family-friendly site is the ideal site to stay on if you’re planning a trip to Alton Towers! The theme park is just 1 mile away, so it is the most convenient location. As well as being a great spot for visiting Alton Towers, the site is also near Carsington Water and Visitor centre which has even more family-friendly activities. This includes a children’s play area, footpaths for exploring, fishing and watersports.

Walton on Thames – Surrey

This site is a triple threat, as it is a short distance away from Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures and Legoland. If you didn’t fancy driving, there are train stations nearby which make these attractions even more accessible.

The site is a treat within itself, being well-laid out and tranquil despite its central location – you will be surprised at how relaxing and peaceful this site is. On-site you can enjoy a great dog walk, horse riding, golf, llama trekking or even watching out for the site’s resident parakeets.

Drayton Manor – Staffordshire

This caravan site is perfectly located on the grounds of the theme park that it shares a name with. You can’t get much closer to Drayton Manor than this!

If you’re looking for a family trip to keep everyone entertained, this is definitely a strong recommendation. At your disposal, you have the National Forest, SnowDome and nearby there’s also the Cadbury World factory and the National Memorial Arboretum.

The site doesn’t compromise on tranquillity though, as you can enjoy one of 90 pitches in the scenic, well-kept site.

Clitheroe – Lancashire

Want to stay at the seaside? We’ve got you covered. Take a trip to the Clitheroe Caravan site and you’ll be a 50-minute drive away from the wonderful Blackpool Pleasure Beach – the perfect seaside resort!

The caravan site is set in the wonderful Ribble Valley, so you can enjoy the parkland scenery including the adjacent river which you can swim, canoe and fish in. Just a mile from the site you will also find the market town of Clitheroe to explore!

If you are planning on exploring the great theme parks in the UK this year, don’t forget to take your towing jacket from Pro-Tec Covers! The last thing you want before a day of rollercoasters is to see an unwanted scratch or dirt on your caravan.

Keep your caravan protected this summer with our towing jackets.

How caravanning can help your mental health

April is Stress Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness around stress and how to manage it. The past year has been a challenge for most of us, with many experiencing stresses on a level they are unfamiliar with.

Dealing with stress can be different for every person, however, many members of the caravan and motorhome communities have mentioned how getting out in their caravan or motorhome has helped to relieve feelings of stress.

As part of Stress Awareness Month, we want to share some of the reasons that make caravanning such a stress-reliever.


It is probably not the first time you will have heard someone talk about the benefits of being outdoors, but it truly is natures free stress-relief. Getting outdoors allows you to be in peaceful, quiet settings with the sounds of nature – making it extremely hard to feel stressed or angry! Many sites are in remote settings with a lot of beautiful surrounding nature, so you will have stunning sights and quiet sounds to help you relax.

Digital detox

It’s very rare to see someone without a phone, iPad or laptop in their hand – we have grown to have technology devices with us all the time. However, this connection to social media and the internet isn’t always best for our mental health.

Particularly within the last year, with news about the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown scenarios – many people found they had to spend more time off their phone to avoid being overwhelmed with news, tweets and posts about the lockdown. For some, your digital device could be linked to the stress your feeling (work emails, conflicts with friends/family, etc.) – so some time away from your phone can do you the world of good.

Quality time

As many caravan and motorhome parks are in remote settings, you will often find there is no internet or signal – meaning you make do with your surroundings. If you travel with your family or close relationships, your time at the site can be great for quality time, allowing you to talk and either distract from the stress or to talk through how you’re feeling. Plus, if you do travel with kids and you go to a site with good facilities, you can enjoy time playing with them in the park or pools, cheering you up from the stress you’re feeling.

We’re getting closer and closer to the day we can travel to caravan and motorhome parks again, so hopefully, it won’t be long until you’re back within nature feeling relaxed. If you are planning a caravan trip as soon as we can head back out, then be sure to get a towing jacket from Pro-Tec Covers.

The last thing you want is damage to your caravan, especially if you are already feeling stressed. You can shop all towing jackets here.

If your stress is causing feelings of depression or anxiety, you should speak to a professional. Helplines for anyone struggling can be found here.


All you need to tow (about our towing jackets!)

Now that we have the end of lockdown in sight, many people are beginning to plan their trips across the UK. When your caravan is in transit and you’re on your way to your dream destination, your caravan is exposed to a lot of harmful items that can damage your caravan’s exterior – ultimately ending up in costly repairs.

It wouldn’t be a great start to your holiday to find chips and scratches on your paintwork! This is why today we’re telling you all you need to know about the towing jackets available from Pro-Tec Covers.

A bit about our towing jackets…

We offer two options for towing covers, the Pro-Tec Tailored Towing Jacket or the Universal Towing Cover.  What’s the difference you’re probably wondering? Well, we want to make sure that your caravan has the perfect fit – that’s the only way to guarantee that you get the ultimate protection. So, our tailored towing jackets are specifically made to fit the makes, models and years of certain caravans which are listed when you start the order process. If you do not see your vehicle listed, then we would suggest opting for the universal towing cover.

The Universal Towing cover is designed to suit most caravans that have two awning channels up to 7’ 6” wide released before 2014.

What makes them worth it?

As a team of avid-caravanners, we knew what the market was missing (the towing cover we designed many years ago, the jacket we launched in 2018). As the original innovators of the front towing cover, we have our unique registered design that you won’t find anywhere else on the market.

What this means for you is that you can rest assured knowing that when your caravan is in transit, you are protected against the following, all of which can be very harmful to your caravan’s exterior;

  • Stone chips
  • Insects and flies
  • Black exhaust marks
  • Road dirt and grime

What sets it apart from other towing covers

Our unique design is part of what makes our towing jacket different from the rest! There’s a range of features we offer to you to make sure you have the best experience possible, which includes:

  • Self-install front light panels kit provided as standard
  • Double reinforced, auto-adjustable A-Frame flaps supplied to ensure a tighter fit
  • No raw edges on the jackets to make sure that no damage occurs to your caravan
  • Optional grab handle access
  • 4-way zip providing gas locker and window access

What are you waiting for?

Now you know all you need to know about our towing jackets and why it’s so important to have one, so the only question left is what are you waiting for? Now that people have holidays on their mind, we would advise you to speak to Pro-Tec Covers as early as possible if you want a towing jacket for your holidays later this year.

You can order online here or simply speak with one of our team by calling 01274 780 088 today.

The Guide to Pro-Tec Products

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10 Handy Tips for Your First Caravanning Adventure

Planning your first caravan trip is an exciting time but you would be forgiven for feeling a little bit nervous too. Once you have been away once or twice in your caravan, you know exactly what to expect, how to prepare and what essentials you need to take with you.

On that first trip out, you might be worried about how to make sure everything goes smoothly, so you can concentrate on enjoying your trip.

Fortunately, we have been caravanning for decades and have been supplying the caravan community with their caravan trip essentials for many years too. So, we are in a great position to share with you the tips that will ensure that your first caravan adventure is the perfect getaway you have been looking forward to.

These are our top 10 tips:

1. Choose a highly rated site with good facilities

For your first trip in your caravan, it will make everything easier if you have a site with helpful staff, good facilities and one that has a nearby shop, in case you need to buy something you forgot. Take a look at the online reviews for the different sites, as you will find that you might need some advice and help from the site staff while you get used to everything.

2. Watch videos on coupling your car and caravan

This is the part that a lot of new caravanners get nervous about, making sure that the coupling is done correctly and safely. You should be able to find a few videos on YouTube from experts for the type of caravan you have.

3. Make a checklist

Writing out a checklist of all the items you need to take will help to make sure you do not forget anything important. Essential items include:

  • Towing mirrors
  • Water carrier
  • Wastewater carrier
  • Electric hook-up lead
  • Gas bottle
  • Rear number plate
  • Hitch lock and wheel clamp
  • Caravan step
  • Wheel chocks and blocks
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Tool kit
  • Torch

Once you have been on your first caravan adventure, you might find you need to add some more items to your checklist for future trips.

4. Carefully plan your journey and rest stops

If you are driving a far distance to your chosen site, make sure you have mapped out your journey, preferably using live traffic data to show if there are any current roadworks or diversions. On the day of your journey, map it out again to see if any problems require you to find an alternative route. Reversing a caravan is a niche skill, so it is better to make sure you do not go down any wrong turnings! You should also plan out regular rests from driving at service stations.

5. Check your tyres

Before going on any long journeys, you should check your car tyres and it is even more important to check your caravan tyres too.

6. Pack items securely

Remember if you are carrying items like plates and glasses, you should pack them safely and secure them, so they are not sliding backwards and forwards. Heavy items should be loaded low down and be placed directly above the axle.

7. Practice manoeuvring your caravan

In the weeks leading up to your trip, take your caravan out for some practice drives, so you can get more used to manoeuvring. An empty car park is a good place to get some practice in.

8. Practice putting your awning up

Another action you might want to try before you set off on your adventures is putting your awning up, so you get the hang of it. Otherwise, you might spend a large part of your first day battling with your awning instead of enjoying your holiday.

9. Check the weather forecast

It is always a good idea to check the weather forecast before your trip, so you can pack the appropriate types of clothing, but it is also important to expect the unexpected! Even if the weather is forecast as warm and sunny, pack some warm clothes and waterproofs just in case

10. Use a towing jacket

A good towing jacket will ensure that the front of your caravan is protected from stones and dirt on your journey, so you can arrive at the site with your clean new caravan.

Pro-Tec is the top choice for caravan covers and towing jackets and we are also here to provide any advice and guidance you need from keeping your caravan in top condition, to the best sites to choose for your next adventure.

Shop Pro-Tec towing jackets here.