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How Winter Can Damage Your Caravan

Over the winter months, without even looking at the weather forecast we can usually expect to contend with heavy rain, ice, snow and wind as a minimum. As well as being unpleasant at times, the bad weather can also be very harmful to vehicles, so if you have a caravan, you should be wary of the different types of damage and how best to protect it.  


A caravan is not only an expensive purchase, it is your home away from home and the gateway to many adventures for years to come, so it is obviously in your best interest to give it the highest level of protection possible. These are some of the winter hazards and risks to look out for: 


Paintwork damage 


Some people think that a bit of rain can actually help clean their paintwork and whilst it might help to reduce a layer of dirt, there are contaminants in rain that can damage paintwork. Pollutants are collected from the air, which can damage a paint surface, especially if there is any sitting water on top of your vehicle.  


When snow sits directly on your paintwork this also causes the same problem. When it is icy, grit will often get applied to roads and this can scratch bodywork, so if you haven’t got a cover for your caravan, you should try to store it away from any roads that are likely to get gritted. 


Tyre cracking 


Your caravan’s tyres are also at risk in winter due to the cold weather, as rubber becomes very rigid and brittle in cold temperatures, which can lead to them cracking. 


Broken seals and damp 


Your vehicle’s seals are another concern in the bad weather, as the rubber can get damaged in the freezing weather and wind and rain can also compromise your seals. If any of your seals become loose then moisture will be getting into your caravan and will often lead to damp. So, you should regularly check your seals for any sign of damage and get them replaced or fixed when you identify an issue to prevent the damage from leading to damp. 


How to protect from these winter risks 


You can keep your caravan well protected by fitting it with a high-quality Pro-Tec cover that is designed to combat all the risks of winter, as well as offering all year-round protection from other damage such as UV rays and debris. Pro-Tec covers are customised to your vehicle to ensure a perfect fit, which reduces the possibility of any moisture getting between your caravan and the cover 


The innovative fabric (Caravanshieldused in our covers has outstanding waterproof performance, withstanding up to 1 metre of water, so even the UK’s worst rainfall won’t get through it. If you want to make sure that your caravan is ready to go straight after the winter and to keep it in peak condition for longer, a Pro-Tec cover is an essential buy. 


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Put your caravan to bed properly!

Many caravans and motorhomes go in hibernation mode during winter, this means a few checks and measurements must be in place to make sure it’s suitable for summer in a few months! We have listed some tips to consider when storing your caravan in the coming months: 


  • Let’s start with a good cleaning of the caravan, this means everything inside and outside, including the roof! Clean all air vents of debris that could cause blockage and take away all food items. A good cleanse will prevent the caravan from growing mould and moss during winter. 
  • To prevent frost damage, you must empty all water in your drains and pipes. Make use of a drainage kit to blow out any residue or remaining water from your pipe system. Keep all the taps open during winter to allow water to expand freely without putting pressure on the system. 
  • Disconnect the gas, make sure it is switched off and isolated. 
  • You usually don’t have to worry about your electrics; however, you can’t forget about the leisure battery. Remove it from the caravan and connect it to a charger occasionally to make sure the battery is always up to charge. It always needs some charge in it, or it will become useless. 
  • If you can move the caravan a little every few weeks to put pressure on different parts of the tires, then definitely do so. Leave the handbrake off and chock the tyres with a brick or wheel chock. 
  • Keep everything inside the caravan open, cupboards, cooker, drawers, fridgeeverything! If possible, take cushions and bedding inside the house to prevent them from taking up moisture. You can invest in dehumidifiers to put inside the caravan to prevent condensation and damp. 
  • Completely drain the flush of the toilet, clean the tank, and the inside with special chemicals you can find in the shop. Pro tip: use some olive oil on the seal to ensure proper closure. Leave the toilet cassette open to air out during the winter months as well. 


When all this is done, your caravan is ready to be put to bed properly. For ultimate protection, you can opt for Pro-Tec cover to keep it protected. Especially when your caravan is stored outside this will protect it from extreme weather conditions, such as frost, scrapes during storms, and condensation.  


We’ve created our very own, unique fabric that consists of a waterproof layer, a patented breathable membrane and a soft inner layer to prevent scratching. Our covers are fully breathable, waterproof and UV stable. To shop our range of caravan and motorhome covers, simply visit our website here. 

Carrying the Adventure into Winter

 If you’re feeling like you’ve missed out on a whole lot of adventures this year due to the lockdown restrictions, maybe this is the year for you to consider going on some wonderful winter adventures. Plenty of great campsites in stunning destinations stay open all year round, so there is no reason to limit your trips to the summertime. 


This winter, you could try a different kind of break to your usual one, visiting parts of the UK that seem to be even more attractive during the winter. If you usually plan more of a beach/coastal holiday trip, you could discover new ways of having fun adventures, maybe incorporating some winter sports. Here are our top picks for sites and locations for your winter adventures:  


Linnhe Lochside Holiday Park 


If you want to head somewhere picturesque and maybe combine some skiing or snowboarding in the Nevis Range (if the conditions are right), the Linnhe Lochside Holiday Park welcomes tourers and motorhomes. As the name suggests, the site is in a beautiful loch side setting, providing breathtaking views all year round. As well as the mountains to explore, you can take a boat across the loch, or visit some of the lovely little local villages. Hardstanding pitches with electric are available and there is a private beach on the site. 


Delamere Forest Club Site 


Delamere Forest is situated in Cheshire, close to Chester and is the perfect winter destination for anyone who loves walking through forests and there are also many different cycling trails with a range of difficulty levels. The facilities on the campsite are of great quality with hardstanding pitches with electric available. Many of the walks and bike trails can begin from the site itself, so it is an ideal location for all kinds of activities throughout the winter. There is a Go Ape site nearby and if you fancy a day out, the historical city of Chester is good for shopping, restaurants, or a scenic walk along the River Dee. 


Keswick Camping and Caravanning Club Site 


The Lake District is another excellent option for in the winter, with plenty to do and see. The Keswick Camping and Caravanning Club Site is close to the beautiful Derwentwater and is surrounded by mountains. It is also a good place to access other lakes such as Windermere and Ullswater and there are endless opportunities for walks of all difficulty levels. The site offers hardstanding pitches with electric and even the hardstanding pitch super service. 


Canterbury Camping and Caravanning Club Site 


A winter stay at this campsite gives you the option to explore both the coast and the countryside. The famous Canterbury Cathedral and other historical buildings are close by and you can easily get to London by train in around an hour. Howletts Wild Animal Park is a great day out and is open all year round apart from Christmas Day. The campsite has a number of pitch options including hardstanding with electric. 


Your adventures don’t need to be put on hold just because it is getting a bit colder, simply wrap up warm, get some waterproofs and you’re ready for winter adventures. You also need to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter too, so now is the perfect time to buy your high-quality waterproof cover from Pro-Tec to keep your vehicle protected through all weathers. 


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How to plan an overseas trip

As we move later into 2020, we are starting to get more freedom especially in regard to where we can go on holiday. As much as there are an array of places to visit in the UK, the prospect of going across the channel for a well-earned break is exactly what some people are looking for this year.  


Bringing your motorhome abroad is not only budget-friendly but more convenient as you don’t have the stresses of booking flight travel and accommodation. You also have more freedom to move about from city to city, meaning you can cram in more sightseeing into your trip.  


The first step is simple: pick your destination. Once this is done, check out the tips we’ve put together which are important to consider whilst planning your overseas trip.  


Have the necessary documents 

Depending on your location, you may need a Visa, so give yourself plenty of time to apply for this. Check your travel insurance policy and make sure this applies to your destination, as you will want full coverage abroad! 

Regarding your motorhome, check that it has the necessary documentation and keep it in the van. This will include the likes of a full, valid driving licence and national insurance number, proof of vehicle insurance, proof of ID (passport) and valid MOT and road tax. 

Check your motorhome’s measurements, as you’ll need to supply the ferry or Eurotunnel with these if you’re travelling to Europe. 



Check other countries towing regulations 

Entering a different country, there will always be contrasting rules to where you’re from. It’s important to brush up on these before your trip to ensure safe driving. 


There are many towing regulations to consider such as what tow bar you’re using, your tyre pressure, speed limits and towing weights. Many European countries also require high-visibility waistcoats or jackets to be carried in the passenger area and used by every adult in case of breakdown. 


Brush up on road rules 

Driving in a different country can be daunting, although if you drive carefully and observe others, then it should only take one or two days to adjust. There are a few main rules that should be known before you set off on your travels: 


  • Many European countries require you to have your headlights on anytime the car is running, even in broad daylight. 
  • Nearly all countries forbid talking on a cell phone without a hands-free headset. 
  • Many countries require each car to carry a reflective safety vest or kit with a reflecting triangle (typically supplied by the rental company). 


Remember the essentials! 

Some essentials we have picked out include a map and phrasebook (so you can ask for directions!), campsite and bed furnishings to make your stay as comfortable as possible, tools in case of repairs and something to entertain yourself with! A good book, travel playlist and board games are perfect ways to pass the time.  



Travelling long distances means your vehicle will be more susceptible to dirt, stone chips and black exhaust marks, which is why one of  Pro-Tec’s Towing Jackets should be one of your essentials. The protective jacket not only leaves your motorhome clean the whole journey, but it also saves you money from specialist repairing of stone chips that affect your vehicle in transit. The Towing Jacket also meets all requirements for front light visibility, making for a safe and secure journey to your chosen destination.  


If you have any more queries about how a Towing Jacket could protect your motorhome or caravan, contact our friendly team and we can show you why Pro-Tec covers are the best quality covers, as well as the easiest to fit. 



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How to Accurately Measure Your Caravan for the Perfect Cover

Getting your measurements right for your caravan cover will help to ensure that you get the highest level of protection from your cover and it will also make your cover last for longer. However, most good quality cover shops such as Pro-Tec will be able to help you work out the exact measurements, as they will know the measurements for each model.

Pro-Tec has been manufacturing covers for over 20 years, so we know everything there is to know about measuring caravan and motorhome covers. Pro-tec do have an extensive catalogue of patterns for both caravans and motorhomes so majority of the time you will not need to take any measurements in order to order a cover.

Here are some tips for getting your measurements as accurate as possible in the instances that you might need to measure:

  1. Measure the body length of your vehicle, parallel to the ground on both ends (not including caravan a-frame).
  2. Allow for any  external items such as bike racks and satellite dishes.

The measurement for standard covers does not include width or height, the sizes are based on length only for the purpose of getting the correct price for a cover for your caravan. All pro-tec covers are bespoke to each make and model and we use our extensive list of patterns and measurements we take in order to manufacture our covers.

Why you need a perfectly fitting cover

A cover that fits perfectly will be able to provide better protection from condensation, winds, rain and all of the other problems that can damage your vehicle if it is not covered properly. Covers that are too large will usually need to get strapped down and can get damaged in strong winds.

Our innovative Easy-Fit system helps to achieve the snuggest fit possible, as well as allowing a fast and easy way to cover your caravan or motorhome. With most other cover designs, you need to climb up a stepladder to try and fit your cover, which can be particularly problematic when it is windy or you’re in heavy rain. The Easy-Fit system and cover design allow you to quickly and easily fit your cover from the safety of the ground.

If you would like some help with getting the right measurements for the cover for your motorhome or caravan, contact our friendly team and we can show you why Pro-Tec covers are the best quality covers, as well as the easiest to fit.

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british manufacturerAll our covers are designed and manufactured in-house in Bradford, West Yorkshire by Pro-Tec Covers Ltd. None of our caravan or motorhome covers are outsourced. Our material, CaravanShield, has been exclusively developed in the UK and we are proud to say that it continues to be manufactured  here in the UK