5 Best cars for towing a caravan

What better way to explore Britain’s beautiful countryside than with your caravan in tow? Today's modern caravans now offer larger berths that come with all conveniences of your home, which makes them a little on the heavier side! This means that you will need a car that is suitable for towing your holiday home, as well as allowing space for your family and extra luggage.  

From roomy SUV’s and comfortable 4x4’s that are perfect for a family, we will take you through some of the best car models for towing a caravan. Keep reading to see what made our list. 


Land Rover Discovery 


The Land Rover Discovery is a classic vehicle and has developed a reputation for being safe and powerful enough to climb steep country hills. If you are looking for a luxurious car that is spacious enough for family members and extra luggage, this could be a perfect option for you. It is flexible enough to hold seven-seats and combines an innovative infotainment system to help you stay connected with friends and stay on track during your journey. It will put your mind at ease if you have a large berth caravan due to its capacity of up to 3,500kg. The Land Rover Discovery will make you feel safe during any journey. 




Nissan Qashqai 


The Nissan Qashqai is perfect if you want a smaller, family-friendly SUV. It combines an attractive appearance with practicality and has been praised for its ability to carry out hill starts effortlessly, as well as its stability at speed and smooth braking. The Nissan Qashqai comes with a large 430-litre boot size, so it is great for packing essentials when you are out on the road. You will find that this vehicle also comes with a diesel engine option, to give you increased acceleration during towing. 


Volkswagen Tiguan 


The Volkswagen Tiguan will give you a comfortable and quiet SUV to tow your caravan with. We love that this option provides added all-round visibility for those driving. The Tiguan offers a raised-up driving position to help drivers feel more in control when towing a large caravan through roads and traffic. For added security during long-distance trips, this vehicle also gives automatic emergency city braking which is perfect to ensure you and your passengers are kept safe when towing a large caravan. 


Audi A6 Allroad 


The Audi A6 Allroad is a stylish cross between an estate and an SUV, it comes with chunky body mouldings which help give this vehicle a strong and stable appearance. Although it is a more expensive and luxurious car to buy, it comes with low running costs which make it an ideal long-term investment. You will be impressed with the Audi A6 Allroad’s adaptive air suspension, four-zone climate control system, and practical blue tooth connectivity. This is a suitable option for those who want style, luxury, and security.  


Ford Mondeo Estate 


This is a great option if you are searching for an estate that is spacious, but versatile. This vehicle wont look out of place on urban roads or along steep countryside roads. The Ford Mondeo Estate can comfortably tow 1341kg and there is plenty of space inside for passengers and luggage which is ideal for long journeys. The driver's seat also offers adjustments to allow the driver maximum comfort when driving long-distance journeys. 


We hope we have given you insight into a range of cars that will cater for caravan towing, and add maximum stability, security, comfort, and space.  


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YouTubers To Watch During Isolation

Since you’ve got a bit of free time, why not stay up to date and entertained with the caravan and motorhome industry? It is the perfect chance to catch up on the latest news, events and products.   


We are continuing to provide you with lots to stay busy and have rounded up the very latest YouTubers and Vloggers in the caravan and motorhome industry that you need to watch! Stay in the know with the latest reviews, tours, trading events, news and technical advice to sharpen your knowledge of the industry and help pass some time!  


Read our breakdown of the top YouTubers and Vloggers that are very much worth a watch!  


  1. HereWeTow  


Karina and Jules launched HereWeTow in 2016 and have since built up a vlogging community. Their vlogs will show you around many communities in the UK and whilst sharing adventures with you. Since this year’s trade shows are cancelled, you can have a look at their previous vlogs of other shows in the past to get your fix! You will also discover why the channel was launched, information on caravan accessories and so much more. Keep up to date with this exciting and adventurous vlog here 


  1.  Lost Weekends  


Lost Weekends is another great YouTube channel dedicated to the caravan and motorhome industry. Here you will find everything from fun caravan challenges to expert advice on topics such as replacing a caravan locker catch, caravan wood panel repair tips and even advice on our very own Pro-Tec caravan covers. Follow today to be taken on tours around the previous caravan and motorhome events such as NEC Motorhome & Caravan show 2019 and CAMC 2020 show in Manchester. You are sure to be kept busy! Follow here for more.  


  1. The Camping and Caravanning Club  


The Camping and Caravanning Club is a must-watch for top tips! Get taken on a tour around the most sought-after caravan and campsites around England. You may even discover a new site to visit for future trips away! Not only this, but you will discover useful tips such as how to service a motorhome yourself, for when those last-minute break downs occur! We also love that you can find some inspiration on how to eat like a local when you are away, with tips on dishes to make when you are on the road. Follow the Camping and Caravanning Club here 


  1. Bob Earnshaw Channel Trailer  


Bob Earnshaw Channel Trailer shows a range of tours from Scottish caravan and motorhome holiday home tours, to Yorkshire motorhome and accessory shows.  

You will find a range of trips, tips and tours to be inspired by, such as days out around Troutbeck Head, Newport and Caerphilly Castle. You can also stay entertained with the top 5 luxury motorhomes from previous shows and indulge in some product reviews, so you don’t miss out on the very best motorhomes on the market! Follow here today.  


  1. Minds Eye Design  


We think that you will love Minds Eye Design YouTube channel if you love to think outside of the box! Here you will find vlogs on topics such as vintage caravans to help you reminisce on caravans of the years gone by! You can also find the 15 must-see caravans and motorhomes of 2019-2020. You can also be inspired by the top 10 best-selling camper vans and motorhomes to check out in 2020. Follow today for more!  


We hope you enjoy the content here and stay busy until you can get out on the road again! If you need a storage cover for the meantime, don’t forget you can still purchase our caravan and motorhome covers, towing covers, front covers and vehicle covers as usual. Click here to shop.  



Coronavirus and caravan sites

We are all looking forward to the day that our beloved caravan and campsites can reopen, but in the meantime, it is a confusing and uncertain time for site members.   

To help you get a clearer idea of the situation, we have put together all the information we know about current circumstances.   


All caravan sites have been closed since March 22nd in line with government advice for them to close. Currently, there is no set date for when they are set to reopen, but the situation is being reviewed every 21 days. Caravan and Motorhome Club campsites are taking bookings from July onwards, however, the campsite open dates may alter in the future.  


Most campsites will have already been in touch with anybody booked in between now and the end of May to re-arrange their stay, but of course, if you have a booking and are unsure you should contact the site.  


Residential parks can stay open, so if a holiday caravan park is your current main home, you may stay on the premises as they can be partially open for residents only.  

If you are a key worker and you want to stay in your holiday caravan to protect your family/loved ones, then you can do this. You should immediately contact the park owner to inform them of your situation.   


Each site and caravan club has advice on their situations regarding payments, so if you have questions regarding money you have spent already, then you should contact the relevant site or club.  


We appreciate that it’s a confusing and disheartening time but just think about how great it will be when the caravan sites can welcome you back. It will feel more amazing than ever!   


If you are storing your caravan or motorhome at home or in your own storage, you must make sure it’s protected, so that when it comes to campsites reopening – you can head straight out without a worry.  


Our storage covers will protect your vehicle whilst it’s in storage and will ensure your vehicle is protected from UV fading, dust, dirt, animal waste and everything in between. Plus, with our Easy-Fit system the cover is easy to fit and remove – so it will be no fuss at all when you can head back out!  


If you want to protect your vehicle whilst campsites are closed, make sure you head over to our store! Our orders are still being processed as normal, so you can rest assured that your vehicle will be protected.  


We hope it’s not long before the campsites are back open! We will keep you updated with all advice as we receive it. We hope you are all staying home and staying safe.  


Caravan Magazines To Read During Isolation

We know the feeling … all you want to do is travel to a new destination in your beloved caravan or motorhome. But instead, travel plans have been cancelled and your caravan or motorhome has been parked for the foreseeable future. 


To help fill that void while we’re staying indoors and to keep our hobbies alive during this isolation period, why not dive into some caravan magazines? We’ve created a list of our favourite caravan and motorhome magazines on the market that will give you your fix until you can get back on the road.   


1. Caravan Club Magazine  


Caravan Club magazine is jam-packed with touring, campsite, events and technical advice with every issue. This magazine recommends the best places to caravan in the UK and abroad, as well as in-depth reviews of old and new caravan vehicles. This magazine is ideal to help you plan your next trip based on their reviews and recommendations by caravanners for caravanners. 


2. Practical Motorhome 


This is another great magazine filled with holiday inspiration, great for getting you excited for that first trip out. The publication also features tips from their technical experts to get more from your motorhome, with exclusive news and first tests on new motorhomes and accessories. 


3. Practical Caravan Magazine 


Ideal for any caravan enthusiast, this magazine provides you with rated and reviewed caravans by an expert team, alongside ideal tow cars. Practical Caravan Magazine also provides insightful information on the best places to travel with great views. 


4. Your First Caravan Magazine 


Maybe this time inside has motivated you to invest in your first caravan? If so, this magazine is perfect for you. However, even if you’re already a caravan owner, this magazine still can enlighten you with new caravanning tips. The tips include: how to choose the right caravan; new and used caravans: what your money buys; equipment you need to get started; further accessories you can invest in; and awning recommendations. 


5. Scottish Caravans and Motorhomes Magazine 


If you fancy an adventure in Scotland, this magazine is the one for you. Scottish Caravans and Motorhomes magazine is bursting with articles, reviews, news and much more from around Scotland and the North of England. This is great for both Scottish based readers and readers new to Scotland to discover unknown destinations that accommodate caravans and motorhomes. 


6. AA Caravan & Camping Guide 2020 


This guide will keep you occupied for a good few days. With over 850 campsites checked and rated by AA professional inspectors. AA Caravan and Camping Guide continue to showcase the best sites from across Britain. The guide includes recommendations for small spaces in quiet locations to large family holiday destinations. 


7. Camping and Caravanning Magazine 


This magazine comes from the oldest Caravan Club ‘The Camping and Caravan Club’ which is over 100 years old! The club brings its expertise to its monthly mag and shares tips on the best campsites, provides tips for vehicle maintenance and so much more. If you’re serious about caravanning or camping, this is the magazine for you! 


8. MMM – The Motorhomers’ Magazine  


A magazine that motorhomer’s can dive into! This magazine is filled with everything motorhome related from best campsites, motorhome tests and more. This has been the best-selling motorhome magazine for the last 50 years, so you need to give it a read!  


In the meantime, ensure your much-loved vehicle is protected to keep it in pristine condition for that first trip out. We’re still taking orders and want to stress that it is more important, now than ever that your caravan or motorhome is receiving bespoke protection while not in use. 


Our Pro-Tec covers can stay on all year round and will guarantee your vehicle is protected against rain, rust, snow, dust, dirt, tree sap and bird droppings. More importantly, the Pro-Tec covers are made of breathable material and are UV protected so your caravan or motorhome won’t fall victim of colour fading. 


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All about Easy-Fit

Your caravans and motorhomes deserve the best protection all year round and you can guarantee this with one of our Pro-Tec covers. You want to be able to fit and take off the cover at any given opportunity, quickly and effortlessly. How is this possible, you may ask?  


While in the past we received many compliments from customers praising the quality of our caravan and motorhome covers, some customers indicated that the covers could be a touch cumbersome to fit. We agreed, long caravan and motorhome covers can stretch 20ft-40ft which can prove challenging to manoeuvre while balancing on a step ladder. In response to customer feedback, we conducted thorough research in aid of a solution and we now produce and provide the Easy-Fit System with all full covers. 


The Easy-Fit system is a unique way to fit or take off your Pro-Tec cover quickly with minimal effort. pair of heavy-duty extendable poles are provided that can hook into the fitted D-Rings to slide the cover into place. The covers are designed with an open back panel that rolls up, so once the fitting pole is hooked, you can slide the cover across the natural sloping front of the caravan without fear of it getting caught. When the cover is in place, simply roll down this back panel, velcro it down and clip the buckles into place.  


This system is the only one available on the market, exclusive to Pro-Tec covers. Although the process is a lot easier, the heavy-duty strapping with adjustable easy release buckles ensures that the cover is robust, and your vehicle is well protected. The innovative Easy-Fit System is manufactured with sturdy non-rip material that will not weaken the cover; in fact, it probably strengthens it.   


This method means you don’t need as much height, so you can say goodbye to that step ladder for good. The length of the poles also gives you a lot more freedom of movement, which makes it possible to fit and take off a cover by yourself with ease.  Don't just take our word for it, you can see fellow caravanners demonstrating how easy it is! Click here to watch. 


The Easy-Fit system is like no other cover assistance mechanism out there. At first, the exclusive Easy-Fit System was available as an accessory feature but due to popular demand, it is now offered as standard on all full caravan and motorhome covers.  


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