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Quality Counts

approved-stampPro-Tec Covers are used and approved by major market caravan manufacturers, Bailey of Bristol, Swift Caravans amongst others.We are proud to be members of The National Caravan Council and were awarded the Caravan Accessory award by Practical Caravan magazine. However our most important approval comes from thousands of our customers.  Take a look at their reviews of our covers.

Club Discounts

As part of our commitment to show our appreciation of your custom, we are offering a 10% discount on full caravan covers and 5% discount on Motorhome covers, to all those who are members of a caravan or motorhome club.

If you belong to a recognised club, and can provide your membership number, call us on +44 (0)1274 780088 today and let us help you save a little bit more. 

Alternatively, use discount code CCMEMBER13 (full caravan covers) or CCMEMBER05 (motorhome/camper covers) to apply the discount to online purchases. 

National Caravan Council

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We are proud members of The National Caravan Council helping us to keep up to the ever changing caravan market, allowing us to give you the highest quality, cutting edge product.

Exclusive Protec Easy Fit Panel

More for your Money




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Protec Caravan Covers

The Pro-Tec Caravan Cover is the ultimate in cover protection and while you can buy caravan covers at a cheaper price there is no real comparison.  Protec Cover's material is of the highest possible standards and guarantees you that extra bespoke caravan protection you need.  This quality, tailored cover fits the contours of your model of caravan, meaning that you don't get excess material flapping around in the wind which could cause damage to your paintwork.

Protec Covers protect against rain, rust, snow, sun, dust, dirt, tree sap, UV fading and bird droppings. The material is breathable and protects your caravan from mould, mildew and condensation as the cover will allow moisture to evaporate. Our heavy weather protection is head and shoulders above the cheaper brands available and costs only a fraction of the price you paid for your caravan.  A Protec Caravan Cover will help to reduce price depreciation.

We have been manufacturing Caravan Covers for the best part of two decades and have an extensive database of patterns.  As all our covers are made to measure then your door access is specific to your van and allowances are made for extrusions such as aerials or solar panels.

All caravan covers come with:  

  • Door Access

  • Free Breathable Storage Bag

  • Free Fitting Poles

  • Free Corner Protectors

  • Free A-Frame Cover

  • Heavy Duty Strapping with adjustable easy release buckles

Industry Backing

Protec caravan covers have been tested by Bailey caravans and have been approved as non-detrimental to their caravans. We are also thrilled to have been chosen by Swift Caravans to cover and protect their SMART HD caravans as well as The Caravan Club, AutoSleeper, Vanmaster and Zone Leisure.  We are National Caravan Council approved and are honoured to have been awarded the Practical Caravan Accessory Award.

You may also have seen us on The Dragons Den when we were selected and given the thumbs up by two of the UK's best known business people, Duncan Ballantine and Hilary Devey.

The Exclusive Easyfit ®System


Due to the innovative design and popularity, the Exclusive Easyfit ® System is now offered as standard on all full caravan covers.

The Exclusive Easyfit ® System came about after listening to our customers' feedback and it suggested that although the standard Caravan Cover is a fantastic, quality product, it can be a touch cumbersome to fit.  So after a long period of research and development we came up with the Easyfit ® System. Basically, the whole of the back panel rolls up meaning that when you fit the cover you don't need to get as much height and you have a lot more freedom of movement.  Once the cover is fitted you simply velcro the back panel down and clip the buckles into place. It's that easy.  The Easyfit ® System is reinforced with sturdy non-rip material and does not weaken the cover, in reality it probably strengthens it.







Our fabric, PROTEX003, is exclusive to Protec Covers in the caravan & motorhome market. We have worked closely with our UK manufacturer to get the highest quality fabric perfectly adapted to keep your investment protected.

There are now many similar materials on the market. However, some competing manufacturers still use materials which are known to scratch paintwork and windows.  Some of our competitors recommend that you cover your windows when you have your caravan cover fitted but there is no need to do that with a Protec Cover.  

Pro-Tec Caravan Covers use Protex003, a 3-ply material which is developed and manufactured here in the UK specifically for the caravan cover market.  The outer layer is available in three colours, green for rural storage, grey for urban surroundings or the royal blue option.  The external layer is UV protected and comes with a 3-year warranty on its properties.  The inside membrane is non-abrasive so as to guarantee that the cover will not scratch your windows or paintwork.

Back in the dark old days people used tarpaulins and non-breathable vinyls to cover their vehicles causing all kinds of problems. Some manufacturers still use materials that don't breathe.  However you can be safe in the knowledge that independent lab tests have shown our fabric to be much more breathable than our main competitor meaning that all the moisture escapes from your van therefore avoiding problems caused by condensation and damp.


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Slide your Pro-Tec Cover on like a  glove!!! The EasyFit System is exclusive to Protec Covers and is now standard on all of our full Caravan and Motorhome covers.  Hook on the provided fitting poles to  the D-Rings, slide the cover into place and roll down the back panel. The EasyFit system couldn't be easier!!!





british manufacturerAll our covers are designed and manufactured in-house in Bradford, West Yorkshire by Pro-Tec Covers Ltd. None of our caravan or motorhome covers are outsourced. Our material, CaravanShield, has been exclusively developed in the UK and we are proud to say that it continues to be manufactured  here in the UK